Google Android Device Policy app hits Play Store

Google Android Device Policy app hits Play Store

Google’s Android Device Policy app has finally hit the Google Play Store, now allowing users to install it directly on their smartphones. Earlier, only admins (of an organization) had the privilege to install the app on user’s device.

The Android Device Policy app now allows its users to scan the QR code (or type the code manually to enroll) to join the company’s network. Further, you can also take the help of your IT admin to configure the handset or other settings like the corporate Wi-Fi and the like.

On successfully enrolling for the service, you can view details like your current compliance status, current policies in place at your organization, and your device status.

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Google’s Android Device Policy service comes in quite handy for enterprise level applications. It allows the IT admin to add an extra layer of protection on the organization’s data.

Moreover, it gives your IT admin the access to set up security policies like screen lock and more.

→ Download Google Android Device Policy 

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