Google Allo update could bring these New features?

What would you make of a tweet listing out features users are requesting from Google, especially when it’s from co-lead developer, Justin Uberti. Well, if you are like us, you would look at them as the new features we could soon see on Google Allo under next update, or next few updates. Here’s a list of features that the guy tweeted:

  • Assistant features
  • Desktop app
  • Duo integration
  • File sharing
  • Quick Reply
  • SMS Themes

The list is pretty nicely filled of features we would desperately want on Allo, right? After all, there aren’t many fights Allo is winning currently against WhatsApp right now, expect these 8 point in our WhatsApp vs Allo roundup.

Note that you cannot take this is a confirmed list of features to be brought into Allo in near or distant future by Google. It’s just a list of features, that we now know that Google know about users knowing what they want. Right!

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