Practical Uses of Google Allo Incognito chat mode, and why it’s a must have!

Launched today, the Google Allo is already winning many hearts — look at the Play Store rating — and then again, disappointing some (not surprising, hardly anything is world exists which would please every one, and by that, we mean, everyone!). Anyway, we’re loving the Google Allo’s Incognito chat mode, which makes it cool to share sensitive info over messaging clients, without the fear of it reaching bad hands at later date when we all forget about such stuff — password, etc. — in day-to-day life.

Sure, you could be great at managing security and prevent loss/theft/eyes prying on your device, but what about the person at the other end. His device is maybe not that secured, and if that guy is your Uncle or Dad, or any aged household member, they can forward the password in a group by mistake. The risk lies at both ends, you know.

So, here we look at some great practical uses of Google Allo’s Incognito chat, which makes Allo a must have app to keep installed.

Practical uses of Google Allo Incognito mode!

1. Sharing passwords

Whether you have to share a password of your Google account — with family, especially when you make an account for your Uncle — or of a Bank account, this feature is extremely helpful. Set the expiry time in Google Allo Incognito chat to 10 seconds, or a minute — mind you, do that before sending the message — so that the message gets deleted once its job is done.

2. Sharing bank statements

This is another sensitive document that you won’t want to keep on your device, or WhatsApp, for long time. As such, Incognito chat is very pleasing to use when sharing such documents.

3. Sharing Photo ID and Address ID

If you ever have to send your Photo ID or Address ID — required for variety of purposes easily — send them over using Incognito mode, with time limit set for a day or an hour, so that it’s misuse is prevented. So, next time you send you a pic of your driving licence, passport, Utility bill, Voter ID, etc. try to use Google Allo.

4. Sharing OTP

Many a times, we have to send over the OTP to a family member. Incognito chat in Google Allo is plenty helpful in this case too. Send large text in Google Allo if you like for easier and faster use of OTP which normally expires quickly.

5. Simply private messages

Messages to your GF/BF, or better half, you would prefer Google Allo than WhatsApp, right?

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