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Gmail might get ‘Retail Mode’ soon

The sheer number of Gmail users across the globe means that even the smallest of changes can make the biggest impact on how people actually interact with the application.

Recently, the search giant added a feature known as Nudges, which suggests the emails you should reply to and make follow-ups and it seems it’s prepping another feature dubbed Retail Mode.

This is according to part of the code we obtained from the latest Gmail version 8.5.6, which points to attributes like “Smart”, “Secure”, and “Organized” in reference to the said Retail Mode. At the moment, it’s unclear what exactly Google intends to do with Retail Mode in Gmail, but from the look of things, it has much to do with online shopping and such-like stuff.

<string name=”retail_mode_email_by_google_header”>Email by Google</string> <string name=”retail_mode_email_by_google_text”>Smart, Secure, Organized</string> <string name=”retail_mode_gmailify_header”>Multiple accounts</string> <string name=”retail_mode_gmailify_text”>Use Gmail and other email addresses</string> <string name=”retail_mode_sectioned_inbox_header”>Organized inbox</string> <string name=”retail_mode_sectioned_inbox_text”>Stay in control with customizable tabs</string> <string name=”retail_mode_secure_header”>Secure</string>

The code further suggests that Retail Mode will be able to support multiple email addresses, including non-Gmail accounts, much like it already happens with the Gmail app.

Note that there’s nothing official about this development, meaning you should treat it as you’d do for any other unconfirmed report.

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