Eye Relax Android App Warns You for Breaks for Heathy Eyes and Reduce Eye Strain

Have you ever felt the need to just close your strained-out eyes for an urgent rest of few seconds while reading on your device screen, or playing a game? Of course you did countless times, especially when surfing theAndroidSoul, but what about an app telling you that it’s time you gave your eyes much needed rest after continue gazing on screen for a long time. Well, start using the Eye Relax Android app, and witness it become your eyes’ best friend.

Eye Relax is an app that is designed specifically to remind you to look away from the screen every few minutes. You can specify the time duration using the extremely simple interface, and it’ll display a reminder dialog whenever that time limit is up. You can even keep track of the time remaining until your next break, which is displayed as a progress bar discreetly in the notifications. Another great feature is that you can pause an ongoing timer and resume it at a later time, instead of stopping it altogether.

Moreover, to save you from unease of remaining break time and help you avoid constantly pulling the notification bar to check remaining time, the app will vibrate the device to signal that break time is over and that, you can start reading theAndroidSoul again.

The app has quite literally an extremely simple to use UI. You have to set only two values, i.e., how long the break is going to be, and how frequently do you want to take it. You can also allow it to start on boot, and tell it to warn you 30 seconds before every break. All you have to do is set these parameters and click on the “Start” button, and your device will remind you to look away from its screen every few minutes.

The app is available on the Play Store for free, however there’s a catch in the free version. It doesn’t contain any advertisements, but the time duration can only be changed in the premium version, which is available as an in-app purchase for $1.99, or Rs. 121.59.

However, even in the free version, you have 30 second breaks every 30 minutes, which is quite reasonable if one wants to avoid prolonged stress on the eyes. The price for the premium version is a little high, considering the features offered by the app, but if the developer adds more to it, the price will definitely be justified then.

The Good:
  • Unbelievably simple UI
  • Free
  • No advertisements
  • 30 minute default timeout in the free version
  • Pause-and-resume feature is useful during an important session
  • Device will vibrate when break time is over
The Bad:
  • Price for the premium version is a little too high right now

Get it on the play store using the link below. Give your eyes the rest they deserve!


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