Get TWRP recovery for Xioami Redmi Note 4G [Download]

The flashing types among the many, many Note 4G owners have something to be very happy about, as the pretty famous and our favorite custom recovery, TWRP, is now available for their handset. There’s a catch though, it’s not available in English — it’s in Chinese, no less — and if you want it to be in English, you can do so by following a guide, linked at bottom, if you’re comfortable breaking apart the recovery, replacing it’s language portion with that of Nexus 5’s TWRP, and then repacking it back to achieve the English TWRP recovery for your Note 4G.


Credits for forking the TWRP recovery for Redmi Note 4G go to one cool guy by the name of soyudesign, who shared the recovery on his blog.

The version of TWRP recovery is, and it supports OTG, screenshots (Volume Down + Power), automatic root, etc. features.

If you don’t know about TWRP recovery, then probably you are quite new to Android modding world. To begin with, TWRP recovery lets you flash a custom ROM on your phone, as well as create life-saver Nandroid backups, that you can restore back to bring the device back to the ditto state it was when you backed it up — everything is restored, your contacts, apps and their data, it’s a mirror image of phone when backed up.

Okay, let’s see how to install the recovery, because it’s not as easy as we would like it to be.


How to Install Chinese TWRP recovery for Redmi Note 4G

  1. Download the recovery from here. You will need to create a baidu account. And, here’s the password: sa89
  2. It’s an .exe file, but just extract its content using 7-zip/winrar, and find the recovery.img file.
  3. Create a folder called twrpn4g
  4. Download the adb and fastboot package file from here. Extract all its contents and move them to folder twrpn4g. Also trasnfer the recovery.img you got in step 2 to the twrpn4g folder.
  5. Boot Note 4G into bootloader mode:
    1. Open the twrpn4g folder, and left click using mouse on empty space first. Next, hold Shift key and then right-click on white space.
    2. Select the Open command window here option. This will open up command prompt with location set as twrpn4g, where we have our fastboot and adb files along with the TWRP recovery’ recovery.img file — all the prerequisite of this guide working.
    3. On Note 4G, make sure USB debugging is on, in Settings – Developer options. Check this page for help.
    4. Type adb devices and then hit enter key. You should get a serial no. written, with the text device right to it. If you don’t get this, it means you drivers aren’t installed or not working properly on your PC for the Note 4G. Pls Google them and install them.
    5. If you get serial no., then go ahead and type fastboot reboot bootloader and then hit enter key. The device reboot to bootloader mode, where you can use fastboot commands, which we will be using to flash the TWRP recovery on your Note 4G. Don’t close the command window.
  6. Flash the TWRP recovery:
    1. Type fastboot erase recovery and then hit enter key.
    2. Next, type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img and then hit, you guessed it, enter key.
  7. That’s it. Easy, right? But it’s in Chinese language, and you’ll have to make do with it. If you know how to play with recovery.img — that means unpacking it, replacing the parts from other recovery to get English on board, and then packing it back — well, check out the source page mentioned below, as some good deal of instructions have been provided for this.

And hey! don’t forget to say a cheerful thank you to user Aqq123 over at the source page at XDA.

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