Get these top Android Icon Packs that are free

Android is a haven for those looking to customize their devices right down to the icons as it has always been the best mobile OS for customization.

Users can tweak every single aspect in the OS if they’re ready to get geeky, however, we know not everyone is ready to spend hours trying to customize their devices. To make customization a bit easier are a lot more fun, we’ve selected the top of the lot but free icon packs available on the Google Play Store.

Using an icon pack could change the way your smartphone looks and given the number of icon packs available on the Play Store, you could rock a cool new look on your smartphone almost every day.

So let’s take a look at the best free icon packs on the Play Store.

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Delta Icon Pack is one of the best minimalistic pastel icon packs available on the Play Store. The Icon Pack features 1639 custom icons as of now and the developer usually adds more icons regularly.

Delta Icon Pack also comes with 75 cloud wallpapers of which all are carefully selected by the developer. All the wallpapers go along really well with the icon pack.

Download: Delta – Icon Pack



CandyCons Icon Pack has 1127 icons currently and the developer actively adds more icons by updating the app regularly. The Icon Pack is heavily inspired by Google’s Material Design Language and all the icons are absolutely stunning and well designed.

CandyCons Icon Pack has multiple color variants for a few apps as well as icons for folders.

Download: CandyCons – Icon pack



Lines Free Icon Pack features a clean and minimal icon style with only white lines. Unlike other Icon Packs with plenty of colors and details, the Lines Free Icon Pack gives your device a unique look. The Icon Pack currently consists of 2163 icons in the free version of the app.

The app boasts 200+ cloud wallpapers as well which can be easily downloaded within the app itself. The only downside for the app is that there is no masking option for unsupported icons.

Download: Lines Free – Icon pack



PineApple Icon Pack packs in over 1000 icons and follows Googles Material Design Language as well. The icons aren’t in any particular shape, however, still, look incredibly well made. The app does not come with a lot of wallpapers to choose from as it only includes 12 default wallpapers which of course go along well with the icons.

Download: PineApple – Icon Pack



The Oriels Icon Pack is one of the best icon packs out there. The app isn’t as famous as some of the other icon packs on the list, however, offers a unique and stunning set of icons. Currently the app packs in more than 1100 icons with more being added by the developer on a regular basis.

Oriels Icon Pack also supports icon masking which actually works remarkably well for unsupported icons. The only negative aspect of the app is that there are no wallpapers included.

Download: Oriels Free Icon Pack



SILHOUETTE Icon Pack may not be everyone’s cup of tea but this does not change the fact that the icon pack is well designed and far superior to many other icon packs on the Play Store. The icons are designed with a dark glyph and a colored background which make the icons stand out.

The SILHOUETTE Icon Pack also comes with icon masking. Currently, the icon pack comes with only 820+ icons and it seems as though the developer will not be adding any icons to the bunch. Nevertheless, the icon pack is definitely worth checking out.

Download: SILHOUETTE Icon Pack 

Minty Icons Free


Minty Icons Free is one of the best-rated icon packs on the Google Play Store as of now with a 4.8 app rating. The icon pack consists of 1100+ well-crafted bold and saturated icons as well as 44 cloud wallpapers to go along with the icons.

Since the icons aren’t uniformly shaped there is no icon masking which does not matter in any case for icon packs which don’t follow a particular shape or color scheme.

Download: Minty Icons Free



Fluxo Icon Pack is just as good and unique as the Oriels Icon Pack. The icon pack consists of flat icons with a semi-transparent circle with pastel color icons in the middle of each circle. Currently, the icon pack consists of 2800+ icons which should cover all major apps and then some. The Fluxo Icon Pack also supports icon masking for any icon that that isn’t customized.

There are also 108 cloud wallpapers in the app which to help you take your customization game to the next level.

Download: Fluxo – Icon Pack

Viral – Free Icon Pack


Viral Icon Pack has a vintage look mixed with modern design elements. The icons are dark styled and go well with almost all wallpapers. Speaking of wallpapers the app comes with over 200 wallpapers to go along with the icons.

Viral Icon Pack has a whopping 4212 icons currently and more being added regularly by the developer.

Download: Viral – Free Icon Pack

Rondo (Flat style)


The Rondo Icon Pack is just incredible as it features simple round, flat and bright icons which are crafted to perfection. Currently, the app has 4074 custom icons which are far more than most other icon packs on the list.

You also get 20 cloud wallpapers which go really well with the icon pack. There’s also support for icon masking hence, no icons would stick out like a sore thumb.

Download: Rondo – Flat Style Icon Pack

What’s your favorite Android icon pack? Let us know in the comments below.