Get statistics about your texting habits and preferences with Textalyzer

Ever wondered which friend of yours reply to messages quickly? Or did you know what are most used words in your conversation with a friend and the number of Emoticons used? It’s kind of silly but the truth is, we text to friends 24×7 a day but never really remember any of these. It’s also a time-consuming process to keep track of these records, so it’s always better if you have someone to do this job. This can be done by a simple light-weight app in the Playstore called Textalyzer.

Textalyzer is a simple statistics app that monitors the incoming/outgoing messages traffic on your device. The app is light-weight and plainly do the work what it is intended to without any unnecessary permissions. The app runs in the background but use minimal resources of your device and doesn’t drain your battery like the other background processes. The app collects the information of your messaging habits and displays the statistics in a minimalist format.

Textalyzer provides statistics about your messaging behavior and your friend’s responsiveness to your messages. Some of the statistics provided by Textalyzer are:

  • Number of texts you sent/received from a recipient.
  • Average length of your texts per conversation.
  • Number of emoticons used in a conversation.
  • Average time you and your friend take to respond to each other’s messages.
  • Record on who started the conversation first.
  • Most common words used by you/your friend in a conversation.

You can also obtain some general stats like total number of messages sent/received overall, you personal choice in friends whom you message most and who message you most, and the messaging traffic by hour. The app is completely offline and doesn’t store any of your data, it just does the calculations.

Download the app from the Playstore link provided below and start discovering your close friends in texting.

The Good:
  • Light-weight app
  • Individual statistics by friend
  • Personal statistics describing your messaging preferences.
The Bad:
  • Nothing yet

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