Get Samsung’s ‘Smart Alerts’ like Vibration Notifier feature on any Android phone with Vibify app [Beta]

Notification LED is familiar to many Android users which blinks on an incoming Notification but it’s easy to miss when the device is not in our vicinity. You might actually never notice certain notifications when you’re not with the device but Samsung’s Smart alerts is an innovative feature that alerts the user when he holds the device. Smart alerts uses the motion sensor in the device and sends you a vibration notification if there are any pending notifications. This feature is now available to all devices running Android 4.3 Jellybean or higher via the Vibify app.

Vibify uses the same technique as the Smart alerts, which informs you of any pending notifications on your phone using the motion sensor on you device. Vibify produces a very small vibration whenever you pick up your phone with pending notifications. The app monitors the notifications and if you’re not available during the notification, it simply stays idle until the device experiences some motion and then notifies with a mild vibration.

The app works only if your phone remains locked and still without any external disturbances. Thus the app uses a minimal amount of your battery by staying idle until experiences a motion. The app can be configured to automatically turns off on low battery. You can select the applications that you want to be notified by Vibify from the app menu, so you can simply turn-off the vibration service for some annoying apps. The app is still in beta phase and it is common to have some minor bugs, but hope the developer rectifies it in the future updates.

Download the app from the download link provided below and make any suggestions to the developer from the Source link below.

The Good:
  • Smart Alerts feature
  • Select the apps for Vibify
  • Minimal battery usage
The Bad:
  • Some minor bugs and lags.

  Download Vibify


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