Get iOS like system wide dictionary on Android with XDictionary Xposed module

I’ve always envied iOS for its system-wide dictionary feature, it’s a very handy feature for users, especially students. It works by selecting a word, the same way like you do for cut and copy, but on iOS you also get a “define” option, selecting which an overlay screen shows up with meaning of the selected word. This handy feature is missing on Android devices, but thanks to developer Vinit Ravishankar for making an Xposed module to get similar system-wide dictionary function on Android.

The XDictionary xposed module adds a “define” option next to cut and copy, much like iOS but the module doesn’t opens definition in an overlay screen like iOS, instead selecting the define option opens up the default browser and shows the selected word’s meaning from

The module is in its early stages at this time and is still very limited in functionality. It isn’t as system-wide as in iOS, right now it only works in input areas. You can’t use it while reading a webpage or reading a mail, but you’ll be able to use it while writing a Mail or Note or a text message.

The developer has future plans for adding translation functionality as well to the XDictionary. But we’re more interested in seeing the module grow to be more like the system-wide dictionary on iOS, it’s halfway there but only works on text input areas, which is less useful since we need it more while reading webpages and mails.


Xposed installer → download link

XDictionary Xposed module  →  XDA (free)  |  Play store (donate)

Installation instructions

  1. Make sure you have proper Root Permissions on your device, as Xposed Installer prompts for Superuser permissions.
  2. Install Xposed Installer on your device and reboot your device.
  3. Install the XDictionary xposed module on your device and activate it in the Xposed Installer.
  4. Reboot your device once again and you’ll have the system-side dictionary functionality activated.
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