Get Full Battery and other Pre-defined Battery Level Alerts with the Battery Reader Android App

It may happen sometimes that you forget to unplug your device even after it’s been fully charged, resulting not only in waste of electricity but also slightly damaging your phone’s battery too. For situations like that, there’s an app: Battery Reader, which would shout out loud to alert you that your phone as been charged, and that it’s time you unplug the charger.

But battery reader isn’t limited to be of use when device is charging. It can be helpful even otherwise.

You can use Battery Reader to alert you at pre-defined set of battery levels so that you are remain in know of major drops in battery’s level, and can plan the charge accordingly.

You can customize the app as per your preference. You can select when the notification sound will play, that is, upon disconnecting the charger or decide on at which what and what battery levels, should it play a notification sound — like, fully charge, or battery levels of 0%, 5%, 10% to 90% (every 10%).

Also, you can select if you want the notifications in Male voice or Female voice. That means you never have to touch your device again for your battery status.

This is a handy little app without any ads. Its also small in size, free and easy to use. Head on to the Play Store link provided below to download Battery Reader

icon-download  Download Battery Reader