Get Do Launcher with Blinkfeed: An HTC M8 Sense Launcher look-alike Android Homescreen App

The screenshot of the homescreen of the HTC M8, rumored to be successor of the HTC One (M7) — was leaked recently, and it can be said the launched looks good. Or at least good enough for an Android dev to make a look-alike launcher of it.

Meet Do Launcher, that does looks a lot like the leaked launcher of the upcoming HTC device. It’s even got Blinkfeed on the homescreen, man!

The Do Launcher is under development right now, beta phase if you wanted to hear that, and isn’t upright for daily usage. The Blinkfeed feature, as seen in the leaked screenshot of M8, is there, but works as poor as it can. At least on my Galaxy S4, that is.

Plus, many options are still to be coded, and aren’t available at the outset.



Features of Do Launcher:

  • Looks like Sense launcher, leaked in HTC M8’s screenshot
  • Themes
  • Blinkfeed
  • Weather in app drawer, etc.
  • 2568 Posts
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