Get Android Auto on your Phone and Tablet with Auto Mate app


Google has brought in many innovations and the one that the firm is currently providing is the Android Auto. It is an in-car system that is both cool to use and difficult to try initially. To use Android Auto, you will have to own a smartphone based on Android Lollipop and a quite expensive aftermarket head unit in your car.

You might be wondering why you need to buy a display for your car when you already have a smartphone that you carry around everywhere. The reason is that many people complain that their Android devices are not displaying the interface of Android Auto. In such cases, if there is a car mount, it will work pretty fine.


Here comes the role of the application called AutoMate. This application is yet to be launched officially. AutoMate will provide access to Google Maps navigation, music, phone and favorite applications for driving. The interface is quite clean without any distractions to let you concentrate on the road.

You can try AutoMate by joining the beta community in Google + and opting to test the application via Google Play.

Source: Lifehacker, Google+

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