Gear S3 smartwatch gets Samsung Pay support in Korea

After six months of its launch in Korea, Samsung’s Gear S3 smartwatch is finally receiving support for Samsung Pay in the country. Samsung launched Gear S3 and S3 Frontier in its parent country last November.

The delay in the roll out of Samsung Pay to Gear S3 smartwatch was due to a long review of the service by local credit card firms. Now with its launch, Gear S3 users will be able to connect to Samsung Pay installed on their smartphones using their smartwatch and make payments via it without the need to pull out their cell phones from their pocket.

Samsung Pay will support Samsung, Hyundai, Hana, and Lotte cards, with support for KB Kookmin Card rolling out later this month.

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Samsung also announced that it will soon launch Samsung Pay Mini, the payment’s version for non-Samsung smartphones in Korea.

via The Investor

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