T810XXU2CPD9: Galaxy Tab S2 receives Marshmallow update today!

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7″ is receiving the Marshmallow update today, with build no. being T810XXU2CPD9. Note that this is the original Tab S2 we’re talking about here, which was released last year (2015) and comes with the model no. SM-T810, while this year’s Tab S2 is a VE model, the Tab S2 Value Edition, and comes with model no. SM-T813. The build T810XXU2CPD9 is the Android 6.0.1 update for WiFi Tab S2 9.7″, while for other variants of the tablet (SM-T710, SM-T715 and SM-T815), the Marshmallow update was released earlier, while for some models (SM-T817, SM-T817R4, etc.), it’s still awaited.

If you own a 9.7″ WiFi Tab S2 then you should expect an OTA update notification to hit your device soon. The update would be rolled the world over phases, and it should take more than 2-4 weeks for Samsung to complete the distribution.

However, if waiting is not something you like, then don’t worry, just download the firmware from the link provided below and use the guide linked on that page to install the 6.0 update on your Tab S2 right away.

Galaxy Tab S2 Marshmallow update firmware

Do tell us what changes you see, and like or dislike, in the T810XXU2CPD9 Marshmallow build for your Tab S2. And is the performance how you expected it to be? We hope other variants of Tab S2, like the model no. SM-T817 (and T817P, T817R4, etc.) get the Marshmallow treatment soon. Keep watching this space for that!

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