Confirmed: Glossy Black color of Galaxy S7 to be released soon by Samsung

glossy black galaxy s7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will get a new splash of paint in the form of Glossy Black color. Samsung seems to be taking cues from Apple’s Black iPhone — which files straight into our now-wonder list of events in the mobile industry, BTW.

While the choice of glossy black color might leave your Galaxy S7 prone to more fingerprints, we think in general you’d welcome the choice of glossy black color for the Galaxy S7, right?

It’s not totally unexpected news, actually, as we had a hint of the bright black Galaxy S7 under the making, only that Google translation got us ‘bright black’ in place of ‘glossy black’ color — and we took it tot the T. Ew. But anyway, you knew it was coming.

In addition to this new glossy black color, Samsung offers the Galaxy S7 in four variants, white, silver, gold, and black onyx. The last variant here is a type of matte black. While, there is unique coral blue color available for Galaxy S7 edge only, release only two weeks ago, which first featured in the now obsolete Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung seems to trying its best to entice customers here with more choices. And boy do they do need that after the Note 7 backfiring.

More on hardware front, Galaxy S8 is out of contention for the Harman Kardon audio, and not even the Galaxy Note 8, but the Galaxy S9 looks to be the first Samsung device to benefit with that, and could be followed by Galaxy Note 9.

Meanwhile, in software section for the Galaxy phones, the Galaxy S7 is receiving the Nougat update now in China as beta, after making rounds in US, UK and Korea. Other countries will soon follow suite. Check out our pages for the Galaxy S7 the Galaxy S7 Edge Nougat update to get the latest and best from Android.

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