Galaxy S7 edge Injustice edition pre-order is live in Mexico too

Although scheduled for June 13 around the world, the Galaxy S7 edge Injustice edition is already up for grabs in Mexico starting today. Mexico becomes second country after Indonesia to get preferential treatment, which may look like a little bit of Injustice to many Samsung fans.

The device is available AT&T, Telmex and Claro-shop for online purchase, while Telcel is where you can buy the S7 edge Injustice edition if retail counter is still your preferred choice of buying electronics.

The S7 edge Injustice edition is priced 21000 Mexican Peso, which roughly translates to 1134 USD — yes, that’s extra pricey, but man, give it a look, this one definitely stands out. A lot!

Feast your eyes with all the pics and super-hero-romance-imbibed-description at S7 edge’s dedicated Injustice edition page provided below.

Buy Galaxy S7 edge Injustice edition

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