Galaxy S7 Edge first bug fixer OTA over Nougat update

After a long delay, Samsung was able to begin rolling out the Nougat update for Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, but most of the regions are yet to receive the big 7.0 build.

But it looks Samsung has found and fixed some of the bugs on the Nougat update, we just got the news that the Galaxy S7 Edge is receiving a small 15MB bug fixer update on Android 7.0 update.

The bug fixer update comes as build G935XXU1DQAS, and sadly, its changelog doesn’t have any mention of the issues solved by the update.

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We recently spotted a new user manual for the Galaxy S6 at Samsung Russia site, which was updated with changes one expects in the Nougat update. With Samsung confirming earlier that the Galaxy S6 is next in line, it looks like the Galaxy S6 Nougat release is all set for release now, and could hit us within next two weeks even.

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  • GamingWithMarko

    Hello i have noticed on my galaxy s6 edge android 7.0 is a bit different exaple:There is a unlocking animantion and a different software update theme and those are missing on my galaxy s7 edge.

    • Erik

      That’s because ur s6 edge has secure startup enabled and/or ur sd card is encrypted! The s7 edge definitely doesn’t have secure startup enabled

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