Is this the Samsung Galaxy S6?

A new render supposedly belonging to Samsung Galaxy S6 has come to shores, and it tastes metal. The buttons and the back looks to be of metal, even though the last time we heard about Galaxy S6’s new design was that it would feature a glass back, while the four sides will be of metal.

Even more interesting is what Robert Yi, IR head, Samsung, said about company’s upcoming product. He said that the company will be releasing “innovative premium handset” that will have a “special function” which has already raised the expectations. Could that extraordinary back covers we saw the other day he exceptional feature, or is it a simple reference to the Galaxy S Edge, which will have two sides curved, called Edges.

He even said, “We will strengthen our industry leadership with the slim design of the metal-clad products and AMOLED display.” That’s more than a hint towards metal being used for Galaxy S6. We wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung plans metal backs for even the upper-mid to below-top range of devices, too, because it really needs to, especially if you look at offerings currently in these segments, which includes devices like Oppo R5, Xiaomi Mi 4, OnePlus One, etc.

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Galaxy-S6-Render-Picture Galaxy-S6-Render-Image

There was also a hint about Galaxy S Edge, when Chang-Hoon Lee, Samsung Display’s Managing Director, said that his factories producing the new A3 flexible AMOLED panels are quite capable of “actively respond to [the] demand for flexible smartphone [screens].”

Thankfully for Qualcomm and everybody who’s had enough of the processor expected in Galaxy S6, there was no mention of Exynos processor, or Qualcomm or its processor.

So, does the above Galaxy S6 look to you like the real Galaxy S6?

Or you think it’s an easy Photoshop job to make one, when you have renders of Note 4 to play with, and that of Galaxy Alpha, and don’t have to show the metal back as clear?

Via PhoneArena

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  • roberthenderson

    Hopefully that’s not the real phone because it would mean that Samdung has taken their stupidity to the next level and put the speaker on the back instead of the front where it belongs.

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