[Bummer] Galaxy S6 would look like iPhone 6, leaked chassis and Korean media has it!

2015 is the year for Samsung, kind of make or break. The year of revamp. Right from cutting the software cruft down from TouchWiz, to new design for its Galaxy S6 fully rethought-out. But what we’re hearing today is frustratingly Samsung, and indeed, very disappointing. When asked to do something new and challenging, Samsung looks to be doing the very old it did at the time of Galaxy S — that is, mimic the iPhone!

Leaked Chassis pics, allegedly belonging to none other than the Samsung Galaxy S6, have been outed by the french site, no where else. And if it really is what it is said to be, then chances are more than not that Galaxy S6 will look like the iPhone 6.

And, even Korean media is reporting the same, without so much of a pictorial help. The KoreaTimes is reporting that the Galaxy S6 will have two variants, the flat one and rounded one (has to Galaxy S Edge), and it will have a metal build (that Chassis above?) that will remind everyone of the iPhone 6.

There’s also a great deal of talk about the battery, which is said to be non-removable this time around, a departure from traditional Samsung as all its previous flagships allowed you to remove the battery. Though, it’s nothing new, we already knew it.

Samsung would also debut its own payment service, Samsung Pay, that has learned its trick from credit card and thus features a magnetic strip, allowing it to be compatible with 10 million point of sale straight out of the box, while, iPhone 6’s Apple right now supports only 200 thousand outlets.

Galaxy S6 specs are said to include Samsung’s own 64-bit octa-core Exynos processor, 3GB RAM (4GB in case of Galaxy S Edge), and a 5.2 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display with more dimmer and more brighter than earlier panels.

A 2550mAh battery is what will be powering that cool display and mighty processor, while there will be a big improvement on camera at the back. A 20MP rear shooter looks likely, with 8MP cam on the front.

Source: NowhereElse, KoreaTimes | Via PhoneArena (2)

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