Galaxy S6 teaser out, points to a steel-glass model

Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S6, which will be unveiled at this year’s MWC have been making so much noise lately, with the South Korean company adding fuel to the fire by way of its cryptic videos.

In a recent video, hints are dropped about the design and architecture of the device. Apparently, Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone will rely upon a glass and metal mix for its body. The device is shown talking about itself through the video, stating “I am crafted from the beautiful things I see around me. They shape who I am.” This combined with the fact that the video which initially focuses on the glass of a building, shifts to liquid metal animations and sharp edges leads us to imagine that plenty of of these materials have gone into the making of the S6.

Well, lets keep our fingers crossed for the MWC!!


Samsung has also posted a teaser image of Galaxy S6 showing the slim side and premium finish of the device.


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