Galaxy S6 likely to feature front facing stereo speakers

So the Galaxy S6 is scheduled for release on the 1st for march at the MWC Barcelona, and while the company seems wary of releasing too much information, the Norwegian arm of Samsung seems to be suffering from no such qualms.

Samsung Norway recently made a post that pretty much confirms what the rumor mill had been churning out from days past. According to the post the Galaxy S6 will have┬ádual front-facing speakers and a durable body added to a three sided screen. Now, we are almost certain about the durable body part because everything seems to be pointing at Samsung ditching the plastic in favor of metal for its flagship phones. As for front facing speakers, its a little early to say anything since if the renders can be trusted, it doesn’t really seem viable. A three way screen can similarly be discounted.

For all we know, Samsung Norway may just be making fun of the rumor mongers who have been all too active where the Galaxy S6 is concerned. Well, we don’t have all that long to wait anyways.

Stay tuned!

Source: SamMobile
  • Bronx

    It’s about time!!

  • roberthenderson

    A change to front facing speakers is the only thing that will get me to even consider buying another samsung.

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