Galaxy S6 bound Exynos 7420 benchmarks available

If you were left wanting by the HTC One M9 benchmarks that leaked earlier today, the score of Samsung Galaxy S6 from the same benchmark test will make you a little happier. Compared to One M9’s score of 1232 and 3587 — about the same as Note 4 (1176 and 3983) — the Galaxy S6 scored quite better with 1520 and 5478 under single and multi-core benchmark tests respectively of the Geekbench tool.

The listing confirms that the processor in use is not Qualcomm’s and that it’s Samsung’s own Exynos 7420, as was rumored to be the scene ever since the rumors first appeared about Samsung’s tests finding the Snapdragon 810 chip to be overheating too much, even though LG later claimed that the same chip is one of the most least overheated chip.

The leaked benchmark listing also confirm that Galaxy S6 would feature 3GB RAM, which is line with rumors about Samsung planning to differentiate the Galaxy S Edge with more than just curved sides, and give the latter the privilege of first Samsung device with 4GB RAM. Naturally, Galaxy S Edge will be priced a lot more than Galaxy S6, as is the case with Galaxy Note Edge.

Looking at the listing, it’s clear that the processor in use was clocked at 1.5GHz, which is quite lower than expected maximum clock rate of up to 2.5GHz. It could be because of the big.LITTLE architecture wherein an octa-core processor features four less powerful but highly battery efficient ones (Cortex A-53) and four very powerful and thus battery hungry ones (Cortex A-57), and it seems Cortex A-53 cores were in use in the benchmark.

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Thanks to leaks, we almost know what the Galaxy S6 specs (linked above) are and that it will be released early, in March itself. Moreover, the rumored Galaxy S6 Edge with two curved sides will be actually called Galaxy S Edge.

Samsung is said to use a touch-based fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy S6, which in turn could result in a larger Home screen button as it requires more space than swipe-based sensor we find on Galaxy S5 and Note 4. Also unlike the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge won’t feature water-proof bodies, while the support for external microSD card has been bid farewell, too.

The Galaxy S6 is expected the feature a new design, though, with glass used at the back and metal on the four sides. A welcome change which had become a must-do for Samsung after the criticism Galaxy S5 received, and although it would have been more exciting had Samsung gone for the kill with metal build like the HTC, we’d still gladly accept what’s on offer.

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