Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge receiving an OTA update to fix RAM issues

Its only been a couple of months since Samsung launched its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, but we already have software updates rolling out to fix a couple of issues that were noticed in the devices.

Apparently, Samsung’s latest and best Galaxy models were both suffering from memory management issues that arose due to the fact that the device memories were unable to keep processes into memory when the user wasn’t actively using them. Which means, that as soon as the user would skip from one task to another, the device would kill the former, thus introducing the necessity for reopening the service when the user wanted to get back to it.

This in effect, slowed down the device far beyond its normal capacity, so Samsung’s quick response in form of an OTA update is being seen as a welcome move by many.


The update which comes with a build number G920FXXU1AODG is around 138MB in size and is available in Italy for the S6 and in the UK for the S6 Edge on the Vodafone Network and hopefully will be made available in other regions soon as well.

While we do not have any information on whether the update managed to fix all the memory related issues permanently, a reliable source did speak of a noticeable increase in speed and performance parameters — suggesting something of the kind.

Well, we will be sure to keep an eye on things here and will keep you updated with any new developments in the field. In the meanwhile, if you do happen to install the update, do share the results with us by commenting right below.

Source: SamMobile

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