XXKP8 Firmware to Install Android 4.0 on Galaxy S2

Update (March 24, 2012): This firmware, XXKP8, is pretty old now. Rather a new firmware, which is an official update too from Samsung Kies software is available, dubbed as XXLPQ. We would recommend you to install XXLPQ firmware to upgrade your Galaxy S2 i9100 to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Okay this is the best new year present you could get for yourself and your beloved S2 —  a brand new leak of an Android 4.0.3 firmware, XXKP8. Celebrating already? Lets see the installation and other stuff below.

Well, I’m installing it on my Galaxy S2 (i9100) and I hope this time Ice Cream Sandwich really has come to stay in my beloved S2. The Galaxy S already has a cool custom rom out for it but for S2, ICS has been a bad joke till now, even though we do have a decent enough ICS rom for S2, too.

I’ll update with how’s everything is inside the rom, like what’s good and what’s not so good and all that. So, check back again.

Btw, you can install from Android 2.3.x to XXKP8’s Android 4.0.3 directly without problem. And to go back to Android 2.3.5, download and install XXKH3 on your Galaxy S2.

Now, without bugging you much lets see the links and instructions now — after we’re done with usual warning and compatibility stuff, that is.


The methods and procedures discussed here are considered risky and you should not attempt anything if you don’t know completely what it is. If any damage occurs to you or your device, we won’t be held liable — you only will be responsible, you’ve been warned!!!


This rom and the guide below is compatible only and only with Galaxy S2, model number i9100. It’s not compatible with any other device. Check your device’s model number in: Settings » About phone.

Pre-Installation tips:

  1. Backup your Apps and important data — bookmarks, contacts, SMS, APNs (internet settings), etc. This Android backup guide would help you.
  2. If you have Samsung’s PC software Kies installed, un-install it first because it may interrupt the flashing process.
  3. Drivers! — it’s important you’ve the proper drivers installed. Download links below: 32 bit (x86) Windows |   64-bit (x64) Windows

Installation video (of older Android 2.3.6 firmware XXKG1, just to help out newbies)

If you’re new to Odin, see this video first to get an idea of how firmware is installed using Odin. It’s of one old firmware (XXKG1) but very helpful to newbies, and you’ll definitely be more comfortable installing XXKP8 after watching this video. Then, follow the guide below.

[youtube video_id=”DenoU04sEMo” width=”620″ height=”400″ /]

Install XXKP8 Firmware on Galaxy S2 to get Android 4.0 ICS

  1. Download XXKP8 firmware. Filename: I9100XXKP8_I9100OXAKP8.rar. Size: 313 MB → Download Link. [password: samfirmware.com]
  2. Extract the downloaded file ‘I9100XXKP8_I9100OXAKP8.rar’ of XXKP8 firmware to get these 7 files:
    1. GT-I9100-MULTI-CSC-OXAKP8.tar.md5
    2. I9100_CODE_I9100XXKP8_CL42141_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5
    3. I9100_EFS_I9100XXKP8_CL42141_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 [not to be used]
    4. I9100_KERNEL_I9100XXKP8_CL42141_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 [not to be used]
    5. MODEM_I9100XXKP8_REV_02_CL1092599.tar.md5
    6. Odin3 v1.83.exe [For windows only. Double click to run this file when asked in step 5 below. Admin privileges will be required!]
    7. u1_02_20110310_emmc_EXT4.pit
  3. Disconnect your phone if it’s connected to PC.  Switch Off your phone. Wait for vibration to confirm complete switch off.
  4. Now, put the Galaxy S2 in Download Mode — press and hold these keys together: Volume Down + Home + Power. You’ll get an options screen. Press Volume Up now to go to download mode (which is also called Odin mode). This is required to install the XXKP8 (or any other firmware) using Odin PC Software.
  5. Open Odin (from step 3) — double click the Odin3 v1.83.exe.
  6. Connect your phone to PC now. You should get the message “Added! !” under the Odin’s message box in the bottom left. If you don’t get this message, then probably there is a problem with drivers. Make sure you’ve proper drivers installed. See point 3 above under pre-installation tips.
  7. Select these files in Odin at respective tabs:
    1. Click the PDA Tab, and select I9100_CODE_I9100XXKP8_CL42141_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 (from step 2.2)
    2. Click the Phone Tab, and select MODEM_I9100XXKP8_REV_02_CL1092599.tar.md5 (from step 2.5)
    3. Click the CSC Tab, and select GT-I9100-MULTI-CSC-OXAKP8.tar.md5 (from step 2.1)
    4. Click the PIT tab, and select u1_02_20110310_emmc_EXT4.pit (from step 2.7)
  8. Important! On Odin, make sure Re-Partition, Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time checkboxes are selected. Do not touch any other checkbox or tab or anything, except as was required in step 8 above.
  9. Double check everything said in step 8 and 9 above. [And, do not use the files in step 2.3 and 2.4 anywhere in Odin]. This is my Odin’s screen while I flashed the XXKP8 on my Galaxy S2 — your Odin’s window should look real similar to this: odin-XXKP8
  10. Now, hit the START button to start flashing of XXKP8 Android 4.0 firmware on your Galaxy S2. Flashing of XXKP8 would take some 3 mins 30 seconds and booting up of phone would take around 3 mins too. Your mileage may wary, btw. When the ICS has been installed by Odin on your phone, your phone will automatically reboot — and when you see the Samsung logo, you can safely unplug the cable. Plus, you’ll get a PASS (with green background) message in the left-most box at the very top of the Odin. If it’s red and with FAIL written over it, the process flashing process wasn’t successful. In case of FAIL, try everything again from step 4, making sure that you don’t break the process. On successful flashing you’ll get his sort of screen: Odin-XXKP8-process-Complete
  11. When it has restarted, your Galaxy S2 will be running Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) with version being Android 4.0.3, build being XXKP8 and Samsung’s custom UI TouchWiz 4 atop it. Check out your Galaxy S2’s android version here: Settings » About Phone.
  12. (Optional, of course) If you found this guide useful, share it with others too on webpages, forums, your Facebook/twitter/Google+ pages, etc. That would be helping us grow too!

Share your thoughts, observations, complaints, problems (if any), etc in comments below. We’ll be glad to help you out. And do let us know if you spot anything too good so that we all know it.


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  • Naven185

    yes i tried some bugs are still in there not a full stable version

    • Ganjaweed

      Have you gone back to gingerbread? how did you do it? Im having errors when I get to set up screen and cant go forward.

      • Ganjaweed

        Edit:Gonna try XXKH3,saw it explained somewhere.

      • Have you switched back to Gingerbread now or you need help in that?

        • Suhailreshi


          • Search here for xxkh3 firmware and install that.

  • Hanimalik

    This may be silly question. My GSII is model number GT-I1900T. Could I still flash it with this version of ICS?

    • Jack A Nisbet

      I just ran this on the GT-9100T, it worked without any problems (except the thing now loads up claiming to be a GT-9100)

      • Hanimalik

        ok thanks…u00a0nnso i take itu00a0everythingu00a0is working properly? the phone, the net, etc?

  • Hanimalik

    Sorry. I meant to say GT-I9100T.

  • Guest

    Has anyone been able to get facebook photos to sync with contacts?

  • Nkablackjacket

    tis version can use for daily user or not?n

  • Anonymous

    not for daily user… n

  • Xspach

    anyone have the stock, no touchwiz ui?

  • Big AL

    Upgraded from 2.3.6 and went without a hitch. Although I backed up all my apps etc using titanium backup I couldn’t restore because it had disappeared with quiet a few other apps so was unable to do a restore. Got most back using Polaris Office.nnsometimes when a app is started it shuts down and has to be restarted so OS a bit flaky.

  • Big AL

    I have also found that if i use live wallpaper like beach HD sometimes the screen locks so it can’t be slide sideways and apps like Applications Contacts etc can’t be seen and a restart s required. Any ideas on this problem?

  • miguelguatemala

    Thanks, it works great. I did it form a buggy previous update to 4.01 with a lot of errors. Now it is working good again, on v 4.03.u00a0

  • Shashankdombe

    I did it.. It worked cleanly. But my phone is getting hot very much. and its unrooted. How to root it back.?

    • I’m in the process if publishing root for xxkp8 guide. Check back in an hr.

  • u8

    does it work for Bell GT-I9100M?

    • Shashankdombe

      It should work for that too

  • Anubhav Agarwal

    i have installed the ics 4.0.3 version on my phone just now. the features are working fine except the usb host feature of s2. Also the registration for software upgrade message that we get is not being completed as it displays an error for that. u00a0u00a0

  • Big AL

    Just another observation I also found the Face Unlock dosen’t work. You can go through the process of setting it up then you have to use a pin because face unlock fails.

  • Jose Adolfo Chancafe Oblitas

    Dear Kapil, thanks for posting this guide, it was very easy to make it done. So far i have found some bugs, one of them is thatu00a0whenu00a0i’m trying to enter to contacts sometimes it freeze and then it doesn’t response to the touch after a while it reacts and said calendar has stopped working. Another issue is that later when i try to go to my albums or music i got the message not enough memory. So far i would like to go back to stable rom 2.3.3 but i’m worry about the process, because i use PIT and checked in re-partition as it was mentioned in your post, i read that its not recommendable to check that option, i still haven’t done anything to my phone yet, i wanted to flash using odin the original firmware but not sure if i will break it, do you the new firmware and theu00a0re partitionu00a0that has been done, please let me know if i could go ahead with that process for getting back to 2.3.3. Thanks in advance for your time.

  • Mike Snelgrove

    What if it just sits on ‘SetupConnection’ in the message bit?n

  • Maikel

    I’m having issues with the clock it’s not displaying the proper time for my timezone. Any idea how to fix that?u00a0

    • Maikel

      Never mind managed to do it manually and it seems to work it will not do it automatically, The other thing I notice is that battery life shows 1 hr left. Iu00a0literally just installed it on my phone so I’m still finding out what does and doesn’t work. Will keep you posted. Thanks for the guide it made it really easy and straight forward process.u00a0u00a0

  • Mike Snelgrove

    can you root the phone once this has been done?

  • Mike

    Battery Life issues now, face unlock doesn’t worku00a0occasionallyu00a0freezes while in settingsu00a0

  • Madhav

    You may want to try Wanamlite’s version of ICS , its rooted and based on XXKP8 firmware..again, not a daily driver, but still worth trying out for a day or two

  • Anonymous

    This version XXKP8 based on 4.03 of ICS has some serious bugs such as forwarding all calls to voice mail. Bug prevents loading Samsung driver MTP. Pressing long on power button does not bring up options, it just shuts down the phone. I have not been able to root with Super One Click so I will try another method.u00a0

    • Slackernewbie

      Is your phone a: GT-i9100? The ‘i’ seems to be important.nnMine is and did not forward all calls to voice mail and the long press on the power button works just fine. Don’t know about the other things you mentioned.

      • Dverwoert

        Yes it is the GT-I9100 as this is the International version. I will be going back to Gingerbread as I cannot root this version of ICS.

        • Jose Adolfo Chancafe Oblitas

          how to go back to Gingerbread without breaking ur phone, any suggestion

          • It’s linked in the post above..nnInstall XXKH3 firmware to go back to Android 2.3.5.n http://www.theandroidsoul.com/how-to-install-xxkh3-on-samsung-galaxy-s-2-ii-i9100/

          • Jose Adolfo Chancafe Oblitas

            Ok i followed the guide but afteru00a0successfully flashed the XXKH3 through ODIN, when my phone reboots it appears a message regarding to the cache, it said that its not mount it or something, later i reboot my phone but now its has stocked in the initial message, samsung galaxy s ii gt-i9100, any idea what could i do to fix it , pleaseu00a0let me know

  • Slackernewbie

    For some reason, unknown to me, I had to install it twice and then it worked, or at least, it seems to be working just fine.u00a0

  • Hatim Dawasaz

    I just tried it & the setup FAILED!! now its now working.. i tried following the step 4 but no-go. Can someone pls help??

  • Aboelmalaleek

    omg ….. every thing is good but the cam not working … n

  • Vrh Venkatesh

    hi i am from indianu00a0every thing is fine but i am not able to update the software agreement can you p lease guideu00a0

    • I couldn’t either. Yet to find a fix to that.

      • Vrh Venkatesh

        can you please help me by guiding how to revert back to my old 2.3.6 firmware cauz u00a0kies says that it does notu00a0recognize the firmware 2.3.4 which i have installed after installing and removing 4.0.3, and also is there anything countryu00a0specificu00a0firmware, please let me know. I need your help here to get back my mobile to theu00a0originalu00a0older version (INIDIA)n

        • Jose Adolfo Chancafe Oblitas

          me too how to go back to 2.3.6 please

        • Search for xxjvu here and install that.

  • Nathanesquivel

    Hi I tried doing the odin and followed every detail instruction but , it never got to the passed or fail bar , i waited for an hour and reset it the phone , now i dont have service or anything , i cant even restore it to factory reset ……Please help anyone my phone turns on but cant do anything ….thanks

    • Install XXKH3 firmware, find the link in above post.

      • Jose Adolfo Chancafe Oblitas

        i did it, but now u00a0im stocked in the first splash image…any idea how to fix it. When i enter to recovery mode i got the message => E: Failed to mount/ cache (No such file or directory) E: cant mount /cache/recovery/recovery_kernel_log E:copu_kernel_file :: Cant open/cache/recovery/recovery_kernel.lognE: failed to mount/efs (No such file or directory)nE: failed to mount/ cache….nnAny idea, i would like to go back to CMW i have a nandroid backup there, but from Android System Recovery cant do that, i tried to wipe data and cache, but still get the same message, failed to mount…and bla bla…any idea.

  • Ramosbiro

    Fala galera testei aqui no meu S2 poru00e9m muitou00a0Instu00e1vel, muitos bugs, restarta sozinho, wifi desconecta nu00e3o volta su00f3 resetando, e mais alguns erros…. ~~

  • Dan Shipman

    im currently using this ROM as a day-to-day rom and it’s working swell. every now and then the home screen failed to load, but went in to ‘developer settings’ and forced all tasks to terminate instead of run in the background. slows down loading, but now loads 100% of the time.nnAny ideas if/when there’ll be a useable ICS version that doesnt have this nasty touchwiz rubbish infront of it? 😛

  • Not Sure

    It worked first time.nnBut crashed twice in the first 10 mins whilst searching around the menus.nnAnd now not rooted? Bah! Can’t restore the backup!nnAlso, why are we here? This is no big deal really. If you are desperate for this, well you need to get out some more.nnGo outside – the graphics are great!

    • Traffic

      Not as good as Skyrim

  • Raisul

    ics installed just fine on my i9100 but settings keep crashing and phone keeps restarting. Any idea as to why that is?u00a0

  • Scott

    Im having issues going back. I took a CW backup before the update but because the update replaced the Kernel I cant restore it. I have tried using Odin and following the XXKP3 that people areu00a0suggesting, I can see the phone but after I click start it just sits there. Have tried it sevral times leaving it for hours and it does nothing. Any sugestions?nnThanks

    • Not Sure

      I just successfully restored via the method they offer, read the text, there is a link. It failed first time, making me thing I may have bricked it.nnBut I re-ran Odin, this time right-clicking, and choosing ‘run as administrator’, and it worked first time. Now on some other stock rom, and just about to root…nnThe wifi logo was better, but still no % for battery (when, oh when will they realise that we want a % reading for battery???).nnBut as I said before, no big deal at all.

      • Scott

        Yea tried that. Ive tried following the guide in the link sevral times its still not working just freezes. I have USB debug on and Unknown sources.n

      • Jose Adolfo Chancafe Oblitas

        Yes you are right i fixed the problem by flashing again but this time under admin status…thanks so much foru00a0clarifying that.u00a0

    • Myer

      You need to flash an old bootloader through Odin. Very easy, just google it.

  • WizKhalifa

    Face unlock doesn’t work, Got any guide or idea to fix this problem, I think i’m not the only one.nnThanks,u00a0

  • Narek Bayanduryan

    Do you have any guides to rooting the new rom?

  • Dhiraj Kumar

    Face recognition not working and also the battery life is very bad… I did not find any other issue… but Will say one thing… network and 3G connectivity was superb…. Due to terrible battery life downgraded to 2.3.6 again…

  • mike gianninotti

    i to have found the face recog does not work and the battery life sucks big time getting about 10hrs of ave use.nngonna try the XXKPA upgrade n hope that sorts it

  • Okishaya

    battery life sucks,some apps keep crashing(accuweather),calander not snycing properly,

  • Vlodus

    I run it for few days now and I am quite happy… the only complaint I have is notification about software update, which I am unable to finish because processing fails…

    • Narek Bayanduryan

      All you need to do is go to the setting then apps find software update and disable it.

  • cwmartz

    All – I’ve loaded ICS using the files identified on this page and I’m now going back to 2.3.5. 4.01 did come up but had a myriad of problems including not being able to enter download mode without first pulling my battery.

    For what its worth

  • Dhaineesh

    i have installed ICS as said above. But after flashing my menu key and power key are not functioning properly. Like when the power key is long pressed it should show options like POWER OFF, RESTART etc, is not available. The menu key is not at all functioning

  • Bharat

    I have updated 4.0.3 with kernel 3.0.13-I91OOXXKP8-CL42141se.infra@SEP-53#3

    Slow screens sometimes as if somethings running in the background hanging resources. but seems to be ok !!

    In 2.3.4  GMail talk support video and Audio through internet that is missing in updated 4.0.3 !!

    as well as I am not able to access 2GB phone memory to store resources after re-partition to install 4.0.3 through windows PC

    can you help me to use this 2 GB again and resolve Gtalk issue …..

    FM not working , Face recognition not working and also the battery life is very

     bad…After 8 hr i need mobile charge again

    I have installed 4.0.3 on Samsung Galaxy S2….

    • Mani

      HI I also experiencing same problem, FM Radio is not working. did anyone find any solution to this issue??how to fix it??

  • Shawn

    I followed this to the tee, and once rebooted, the Back button does not work, nor does the Search button, and the power button only works part of the time. It does not work right and I am unhappy. So I was just going to restore all the data I backed up, so I went to reboot into recovery mode, and there is NO OPTION to recover or restore to the previous state. I just want to take it back to the original rooted state. Please help. 

  • Rebeckawoods

    i also followed this and right after i hit start in odin the program says not responding and my usb debugging is checked  and shawn there is steps at the top of this article to get gingerbread back just follow the steps you might be able to restore your back up then or maybe you backed it up in kies .

  • Reachpraneeth

    installed in the same way that was mentioned here..In odin, it showed ‘Pass’..But while rebooting, there are so many errors happening…Ex: failed to mount cache  and snapshot of the issue looks similar to http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-s2-international/484203-e-failed-mount-cache.html.
    Please help

    • Meee

      you probably forgot to turn off some kind of lagfix or something. try flash a 2.3 version en do a sd repartition, then turn back to 4.0..

  • Tariqrahim85

    My internet is not working not able to serach network for 3g and edge ????? plz helpppppppppppppppppp

  • I do not recommend this.  It’s still quite buggy.  I prefer the 2.3.6

  • Tommy

    I keep gettin a kernel panic upload mode! WTF????

    • Retry …. it shouldn’t happen. And make sure you have i9100 model.

  • Wkffelix

    mine is GTI9100G, can i update it by these procedures? 

    • This is for i9100 only. So, I’m not sure whether it will work or not. Try this only if you are capable of flashing a i9100G firmware back, which would restore the phone back if anything bad happens.

  • Nath_o

    Lol @ all u impatient people….are your handsets now buggy and buttons not responding properly??! This is why u should just wait for the offcial updates!

  • Norman_zx28

    I have installed it,in version XXKH3 was success but,i can’t use the camera and the messages was completely dark…what’s the problem? can you please help me out?

    • Try xxlpb, it’s much better than xxkp8. Search here to get download links and instructions.

  • Pinoyson

    Viber not working, the restart function is not working if you wish to restart the phone, software update failed to register.

  • Grg1997

    Does this work with the i-777 or only I 9100

    • Won’t work on i-777, it’s only for i9100.

  • Jaccobninan

    What about the Kernel file that has been downloaded.

  • Masko

    Bugged wifi, doesnt run a lot of apps…and so on…loks good, starts to feel good but  doesnt stay that way for long 🙁

    • Hey, try the newer and far better build than this: xxlph. Search this site for that, we’ve already covered a guide and download links.

  • Bontonlsd

    Is this still rootable?

    • Yes, search for root xxkp8 here. Btw, I’d suggest you to try newer and far better build than this: xxlph. Search this site for that, we’ve already covered a guide and download links.

  • ZIZOM38

    i reached step 9 but when i press on START ,in the message bar it’s written “PLEASE WAIT hen immediately END will appear”

  • Rain4uanytime

     i can’t dial the number start with 15xxxxxxxx 🙁
    when i click number 15 some setting appear http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm107/itsraining2008/temporary-9.jpg

    • Hmm… anyway, you should try the latest leaked samsung firmware, XXLPH – https://www.theandroidsoul.com/xxlph/

      I think you won’t have any problem with the new xxlph firmware… and it’s a lot lot better than any other ICS firmware leaked so far, including xxkp8 (above), and xxlpb.

      • Rain4uanytime

         thx for reply Kapil 🙂
        everythings work perfect now.

  • Rain4uanytime

    here video link for that’s problem. http://youtu.be/6dNjeGT2DFE
    any advice for fix that’s problem please. Cheer!!!

  • Rain4uanytime

    currently, I’m using 3rd party dialer for solve that problem. wait for reply.. Cheer!!

  • Jeffrey Van Ham

    Hey. Does this one work in the netherlands. I installed a diff firmware 4.0.3 and there was no mobile network

  • Kyzsh4ow

    USB is not working when i installed it, and the phone call settings and wifi are not working either…now im stuck with that and i cant go back to GB 2.3.4

    • Try the XXLPH firmware. It’s the latest one and far better than XXKP8 above.
      XXLPH Download and Instructions –www.theandroidsoul.com/xxlph/

      • Kyzsh4ow

        I can’t because the usb mode is not working anymore

        • Usb isn’t required for that.

          • Kyzsh4ow

            I meant the download mode is not working…so odin does not recognize my phone anymore.

          • Kyzsh4ow

            and also i have all the driverrs installed correctly…because i had just flashed it.

          • Saad Waseem

            Do we have any solution to this? I’m stuck here too!

  • Fathurxmail13

    Thanks Blog , SGS 2 ane Working~

    • Try the XXLPH Android 4.0 firmware. It’s the latest one and far better than XXKP8 above.

      XXLPH Download and Instruction –www.theandroidsoul.com/xxlph/

  • Ranindu777

    Guys the best thing u can do is wait until Samsung release
    their latest firm ware update for android. Installing android is not equivalent
    to installing os in pcs. First android should be customized for the device. Then
    only you can get the best performance from your device. If you do this you will
    have to face for lot of problems. Please don’t install partially developed firm
    ware updates. This is one of them..

  • Ranindu777

    latest firm ware update will be released in april or may!!wait until it releases..

    • Try the XXLPH firmware. It’s the latest one and far better than XXKP8 above.
      XXLPH Download and Instructions –www.theandroidsoul.com/xxlph/

  • Bazzallabib

    i upgrade my galaxy s2 to android 4 , but i have a problem , sometimes the desktop is hiding and need to restart . and when i go to any program need 2 seconds for apply ..

  • can the  GT-I9100G get that upgrade ????? 

  • Capricorn3179

    hi i tried downloading but by mistake unplugged the phone while in progress, now my phone only show a mobile and computer icon with an exclamation mark….. pls help 

    • Can you go to Download Mode? If yes, this is not a problem, flahs a firmware again. But this time, flash XXJVQ, which is latest good firmware, officially distributed by Samsung with its Kies software.

      • Are_mir9294

        i cant get into download mode..


  • milen

    I have installed the update – works fine for now – the only issue is when sending SMS the recipient receives them twice?

  • Joy

    my baseband version is I9100DXLP7 and not XXKP8 am i getting the right update? my problem when i install it i couldn’t open links using my fone…. 🙁 any help out there???

    • You mean you can’t open links from browser app? Pls clarify a bit more about your problem. Also, whether you’ve installed it already or looking to install it now.

      • Joy

        already installed but i noticed that i couldn’t open links posted for example on twitter , when i open some it gives me a black blank screen… 🙁

        • Hmm.. better install XXLPQ linked in first para above. XXLPQ is the officially released firmware from Samsung, while XXKP8 was a test firmware that got leaked on Internet.

          • Joy

            will try, thanks…

    • Hey, install the XXLPQ firmware linked at the top (1st para).