Galaxy S Gets Official Value Pack Firmware — XXJW4. Includes TouchWiz 4!

I’m not gonna waste time discussing how Samsung decided to say no to updating Galaxy S, including other single core Galaxy phones to Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0, citing hardware limitations. Needless to say, fans were not pleased, resulting in a petition for Samsung to change their minds. Reeling under fan pressure, Samsung decided to release a value pack update that would try to bring some features from ICS, to keep customers happy. Soon after, a value pack firmware was leaked, which bought along a few nice features and additions.

Well, after almost 3 months, Samsung has made good on their promise and finally officially released the final value pack firmware with XXJW4, based on Android 2.3.6. And for those that wanted it, Samsung have finally included TouchWiz (TW) 4, their improved TW UI that debuted with the Galaxy S2. Other additions and improvements are also pretty good, showing that Samsung actually worked hard to give users something they’ll like.

Here’s a look at all the features and improvements in the firmware:

  • Face Unlock
  • New Kernel with huge RAM (Total RAM: 364 MB)
  • Galaxy S II ICS Lockscreen
  • Photo Editor
  • Built-in TouchWiz 4
  • Improved Camera UI + Can capture pictures while shooting a video
  • Auto-Rotation is fast – Fast switching from portrait to landscape
  • Overall speed improvements
  • GPU Performance slightly increased

Now, without further ado, lets take a look at how you can flash the new XXJW4 value pack firmware on your Galaxy S.


This firmware and the guide below are compatible only and only with the Samsung Galaxy S, model number GT-i9000. It’s not compatible with any other device and may render an incompatible device unusable. Check your device model in Settings » About phone.


The methods and procedures discussed here are considered risky and you should not attempt anything if you don’t know completely what it is. If any damage occurs to your device, we won’t be held liable.

Pre-Installation Requirements

  • This procedure will wipe all your apps, data and settings (but it will NOT touch your SD cards, so don’t worry about those). Backup your Apps and important data — bookmarks, contacts, SMS, APNs (internet settings), etc. This Android backup guide would help you.
  • If you have Samsung’s PC software Kies installed, un-install/shut it down completely from the taskbar first because it may interrupt the flashing process.
  • Drivers! — it’s important you’ve the proper drivers installed. Download links below:

How to Install XXJW4 Value Pack Firmware on Galaxy S

  1. Download the XXJW4 firmware.
    Download Link  |  Filename:  |  Size: 170 MB
  2. Now, extract the downloaded file (from step 1) to any folder, you’ll get these 2 files:
    1. JW4_JW4_JW4.tar
    2. SS_DL.dll (ignore this file)
  3. Download Odin which we will be using to flash XXJW4 on the phone.
    Download Link  | Filename: Odin3 v1.7.exe
  4. Disconnect your phone if it’s connected to PC.  Then switch it off. Wait 5-6 seconds for vibration to confirm complete switch off.
  5. Boot into recovery. To do this, press and hold the Volume_UP + Home + Power till the screen turns on, then let them go. You will boot into recovery soon enough.
  6. Now, using the volume keys to navigate and the home/power key to select options, select wipe data/factory reset, then select Yes on next screen to confirm. After the data wipe is complete, remove and re-insert the battery, but don’t power it back on.
  7. Now, put the Galaxy S in Download Mode — press and hold these keys together: Volume_DOWN + Home + Power until a screen saying Download Mode comes up.
  8. Open Odin (downloaded in step 3) — Odin3 v1.7.exe.
  9. Connect your phone to PC now. You should get the message “Added!!” under Odin’s message box in the bottom left. If you don’t get this message, then probably there is a problem with drivers. Make sure you’ve proper drivers installed. See point 3 above under Pre-Installation Requirements.
  10. Now, in Odin, click the PDA Tab, and select the file JW4_JW4_JW4.tar (from step 2.1)
  11. Important! Do not touch any other button or make any other changes in Odin except selecting the required file as given in step 10.
  12. Now, hit the START button to begin the flashing process. When it finishes, your phone will automatically reboot, upon which you can unplug the cable. Plus, you’ll get a PASS (with green background) message in the left-most box at the very top of the Odin.
    IMPORTANT Note: If ODIN gets stuck at some stage and doesn’t seem to be doing anything, do this — disconnect the phone from the PC, close ODIN, remove battery, re-insert it, turn phone on in Download mode again, and do the procedure again from Step 8. Same if you get a FAIL message in Odin.
  13. In case you encounter any roadblocks flashing XXJW4, let us know in the comments below and we’ll try to help you out.
  14. Also, in case you wanna root it and install (cwm) clockworkmod recovery on your Galaxy S with XXJW4 firmware, check this page.

Once the phone boots up (first boot will take up to 5 minutes), you’ll be running the official value pack firmware on your Galaxy S i9000, with access to all the new features as listed above. Do let us know how the firmware works and whether you like it or not, in the comments below.


  • 1) this is not touchwizz4 but bumped touchwizz3

    2) Auto-Rotation is fast – Fast switching from portrait to landscape / Overall speed improvements/ GPU Performance slightly increasedAre total bullshit of xda idiots with no basic knowledge – speed increase comes from A FRESH SYSTEM INSTALL
    as for download links use fast download not hotfile waiting files / speed depended on overall hotfile traffic

    i advise to use torrent liks or dirrect server download from:

  • Binusay

    I am from india running 2.3.3 DDJV9, so can i upgrade to this firmware straightway ??

    • Yep.

      • Binusay

        Hi kapil, thanks for replying. However the procedure above says to select one file PDA, what about other files like CSC or Modem etc ..are those not required ? Secondly, if i flash this thru odin, will kies recognize this when i’ll plug my phone to lappy ? Please let me know …m bit worried as this is first ever time i m goonna try n flash thru odin .

        • See, the other files, Phone, CSC, etc. are not required with this one. XXJW4 is meant for some countries only (I guess, UK, Ireland, etc.) so if you are not from tat country, or if it wasn’t launched yet in your country, you may lose Kies update. You can get the Kies update back, by flashing a firmware meant for your country. And don’t worry, Odin is pretty easy.

          • Binusay

            Your saying is giving me confidence and i feel i should give it a try now. Btw is it worth upgrading from 2.3.3 to 2.3.6? Is it better in performance and no lags n all ? Can you please tell me some noticeable peformance increment in this firmware ?

          • Vyp3r

            This one file contains in it the csc, phone, pad, kernel etc…..

    • yeh, when using odin you can upgrade from any ROM. backup your data and apps(if you want to) & follow the instructions mentioned above.

  • Waiting for the rooting guide 😛 I’m currently on an AOKP build 22 (JVU). Looking to upgrade to XXJW4 with AOKP build 28. 

  • if you are flashing 4 files (ie PDA, Phone, CSC & pit) then you need those 4 files. However if you are flashing a tar file then only one file selection is needed (ie PDA). Make sure kies is closed. kill the ‘kies’ process in the task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del).

  • Sergiu

    can’t downloat the zip file from hotfile…only 155mb…then it say “interrupted”… i tried 3 times  🙁

  • Adriankim

    i will wait for the root kernel before i will flash this ROM i want to install back my apps..

  • goks

    How to flash when i am currently running AOSP ICS ROM.. ?? thanks in advance

  • If I flash this, my phone will be pre-rooted or are you going to make a post of how to root this version? 😀

    • It will not be pre-rooted, we will publish the root guide soon.

    • ultimatenoob

      get rooted kernal here
       [KERNEL] GT-I9000 ROOTED STOCK Kernels + TOOLS KIT by stock+ Team 

  • breders

    Incredible, never tried this before but followed the guide to the letter, now im running 2.3.6 on my i9000 =)

    • Mr_Joseph

      😀 welcome to the club =]

  • Red_dwarf67

    just got update through kies looks good and face unlock a bit hit or miss

  • Mr_Joseph

    Updated more smooth , radio fast. Better performance, dont know about battery life yet.
    but get hotter? Right or wrong, didnt felt it before.

  • carlos


    I’ve just installed this version on my Gt i9000. And it works fine!!! Thank you a lot. You are the best!

    • Robb Gonzales

      Hi, could you please tell me whether there is Bulgarian (Български) in the list of Swype languages? Thanks!

  • Hello,
    Right now i am on AOKP Custom ROM so should i update to this one or stick to AOKP only?
    please reply.

    • Stay on AOKP because XXJW4 is Android 2.3.6 which is no good for those who have used Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

      • Ok but i am facing too much “Force Closed” and “Close This app is not responding” issues in my AOKP ROM so can you tell me what to do? and even the dial pad also gets hang while opening first time.

  • carlos

    Hi again,

    I would need to root this I9000XXJW4 for modifying the file spn-config.xml and detect corretly my ISP connection without entering in “Roaming” and keeping enable the itinerance. How can I root I9000XXJW4 please?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Root isn’t out yet, so you gotta wait up.

  • my galaxy s i9000 gingerbread isn’t rooted can i apply the update ? thanks for help

  • ProTToType

    Hey. I’m coming to this ROM from the CM7 stable mod for i9000. While flashing with odin, it’s getting stuck at SetupConnection. Is there something in particular i’m missing/overlooking here? please help me out as I wanna try this ROM out ASAP. Thx in advance 🙂

  • ProTToType

    Update: Ok, I got past the setup connection issue, but now i’m having a boot loop problem. It’s not going past the boot screen. Can you please help me out here?

    • Remove battery, place it back and see if boots up. Otherwise, also do a factory reset from recovery and then it should boot.

  • Mgb2010

    Many, many thanks.
    It’s like getting off of a bike and climbing into a Ferrari !

  • Guest of Honor

    I got the bootloop problem aswell. Removed battery, tried wipe/factory reset but this keeps getting red msg: E:format_volume: rfs format failed on /dev/block/stl10

    I guess this is the issue cause I still can’t get past the boot screen.

    • Flash xxjvu, then xxjw4. Good luck!!!

      • ajay

        i think, this is an essential step (you should add in your tutorial)….i also went into bootloop, tried everything. Then i Went back to xxjvu and then to xxjw4. That solved my problem.

        Thanks kapil.
        Is there anyway to convert to ext4?

      • ajay

        i think, this is an essential step (you should add in your tutorial)….i also went into bootloop, tried everything. Then i Went back to xxjvu and then to xxjw4. That solved my problem.

        Thanks kapil.
        Is there anyway to convert to ext4?

  • Salmannizam79

    well guys if u are having any boot problems, then google for sock ROMs eg. ‘JVS’ or ‘JVT’ thereafter get the appropriate CF Root for the ROM extension as downloaded. You gotta do the long me even i had to do this way when i skipped one of the step where I was earlier on ICS for my galaxy S..i1900. Once u have root it then go to recovery and do a factory/data reset and once done just remove of the batt as no need to reboot. Afterwhich place back ur batt and then go to update ur Odin to the latest XXJW4 ROM upon reset from the previous ROM..once u placed the ROM into the PDA tab then go to ur phone into download mode and subsequently hitching it thru ur USB to get Odin to recognize it..once added..just hit the start button..once done successfully the phone will reset..into the latest ROM and once again go to Odin for rooting…hope this short illustration helps…

  • Harman Flora

    kapil help me yr i install many updates 2.3.5 .2.3.6 bt evry  update has wifi bug issue tell me ta safe  update without any prob 

  • Gfordusi

    Wifi does not work correctly.
    Not load the entire page

    • Gfordusi

      All working good … thx :*

  • Ignatius

    I am unable to download cant you plz mirror it to 4shared or mediafire?

  • Andrew Kang


    I have a Galaxy S with baseband version I9000XXJVO (2.3.3)
    Kernel version  :, and
    Build number : GINGERBREAD.BOJV9

    Can I flash JW4 on my phone via Odin without the previous firmwares? (e.g. JVT, JVU…)

    I’m new to flashing and all this stuff, so I wanna be very careful with my phone. 🙂 

    Thanks a lot!

    • Simonas Laukaitis


    • Yes of course, you can flash it.

  • Francisco Riga

    Hi, work perfetly in my I9000, thanks

  • Supertim830

    hi, would i be able to do the same with my GT I9001, s plus? if not, can u please make a tutorial for that?

    • No man…. don’t try it on i9001, it’s not for your phone. You’re out of luck right now.

  • Lensmanoz

    Hi I have a i9000 running PDA:JVN PHONE:JV1 CSC:JV5 (OPS)
    Can I use this???

    • Yes.

      • Lensmanoz

         So this only replaces the “PHONE” part of the phone :). I won’t have any issues with connectivity to my network here in Australia??

        • I don’t think you will have any problem with network in Australia… but be sure to backup your current rom using clockworkmod recovery so that you can restore things to exactly how they are right now if you don’t like the new rom.

          • Lensmanoz

             Thanks heaps Kapil

  • Harman Flora

    wifi disconected every 5 sec wat shld i do nw ????? help

  • Manutdsbiggestfan7

    i currently have 2.3.5 XXJVT (Bought secondhand) and it has rfs converted to ext4. do i need to change it to rfs before attempting to flash XXJW4.


  • Chrishaggart1978

    Great job its just too bad the root doesnt have cwm with it but i did find it here.

  • Kapil can i use odin to go to stock rom? currently on ICS 4.0.3 from team SGSICS?

  • Rom works great now( at the beginning I had some issues with Titanium Backup), but the play store won’t let me purchase any apps( not even free). Anyone knows anything about this?

  • It keeps on Rebooting please help.

  • Phone not recognized ?? please help

  • OOh i got , just took out battery and , ope odin, plug phone to pc and pres down volume , power and menu and reset the battery it worked.

  • I got stuck it doesnt work went back to 3.3.4

  • Daniel Lopez

    Got mine working with no problem but the touch wiz hangs and leaves the phone blocked. I ended up replacing the touchwiz with Go Launcher. It works great now!

  • Help

    How do you root this?

  • Treanthe

    Flashed it on mine, works like a charm. Also rooted it. No troubles at all.

  • Afzal Ahmad

    Hey, I followed the mentioned instructions. And after flashing XXJW4, the phone rebooted. The Galaxy S logo appears for a while, then disappears and then reappears. There is no further progress. What to do?

  • Dbzgoku

    can i use it in india without losing warranty?also how do i backup my current rom in case something bad happens

    • You can get warranty back by restoring an Indian firmware anytime. Backup can be had only from clockworkmod recover, which requires root, which voids warranty.

      • Dbzgoku

        can rooting be uninstalled so as to get back warranty?also where can i get to download official indian rom for galaxy s like ddjv9?

  • les

    I installed  XXJW4 Value Pack to upgrade my Galaxy S to Gingerbread 2.3.6. from Android Geeks so my query may not be relevant.

    The RAM on the phone is 320 MB and not 364 MB ?

    By the way running Launcher Pro seems to run phone smoother and faster than Touchwiz ?

    Please comment.

  • rebooting and rebooting with no end

  • les

    Hi Kapil,

    Could you answer my query re RAM size.


  • Jayesh

    I’m running stock 2.3.6 with voodoo kernel, root and ext4 enabled. Is there anything apart from disabling ext4 that I have to do before following the above steps to flash this Rom. Thanks 

    • Since it’s a firmware, I guess you can install it even without disabling the ext4. But if you’ve already disabled it, no problem, your are more safe.

      Other than that, make sure you’ve disabled the pin security thing on sin card change in settings. Some people set the pin and then forget which causes problems.

      • Jayesh

        Great. Thanks Kapil. Will install and let you know how it goes.

  • Asoomoon

    I got it on first attempt..Thanks Dear, Appreciated,

  • venomous

    kapil im on darky rom 10.2.2 extreme edition and mobile is rooted … can u telme i should follow the same steps tht u told us here or should i be doing this 
    1) Put your phone into Recovery mode (Vol up + Home + Power button) and perform a Wipe data/Factory reset, then a Wipe cache. When done pull the battery out for around ten seconds then re-insert.2) Put the phone into Download mode (same procedure as Recovery but substitute Volume up for Volume down. 

    and after doing this i do the steps u told us here …. please answer and i ve heard tht some people saying tht 2.3.6 have lil bugs like battery issue and wifi problems :S ?

    • You can simply follow the guide above. It’s okay you are on Darky’s rom, procedure remains same.

      • venomous


        • Yes. It’s not rooted, but you can root it if you want, search here. I forgot how much RAM it gets you, maybe around 340MB.

          • venomous

            but why in the picture it says 364 ram we are getting :S ? 

  • Khalidzafar

    worked like a charm and it delivers what it says 🙂 two thumbs up

    • venomous

      how much ram u got ? 

  • eddie moroney

    I’m running XXJVU (rooted).
    Can I just follow the above instructions to install / root the value pack ? nothing else needed?
    I saw on another posting that after flashing it, phone should be put into recovery mode and select wipe data/factory reset and cache/partition – to remove old firmware. Is this step needed please?
    Thank you

    • Yes, you’re good to install it. Just follow the guide above.

      • eddie moroney

        thanks for the quick reply. Just one more question pse.
        If I need to, how can I switch back from value pack to XXJVU? Do I just flash and root XXJVU as per instructions in this forum? or are there any additional steps needed?
        thank you

        • Just flash xxjvu back to go back. Yes you can root xxjvu after installing xxjvu firmware first.

          It’s all pretty easy.

          • eddie moroney

             thanks again Kapil

          • You’re welcome!

      • Nomadic

         flashed value pack – went smoothly, no issues. All working OK.
        Not a great improvement over xxjvu.
        Thanks for the help.

  • Steve19800

    Is this firmware installed english or language captured on the picture above? Thank you .

    • It’s got English and many other languages.

      • Steve19800

        WOW!!! Thanks a lot for the info, so this is official yeah?

        • Steve19800

          Oh yes it is official, anyone succeeded yet installing this version on your glaxy s?

          • Steve19800

            I’ve installed this on my SGS. Nice firmware! Thanks for posting this update! Cheers!

  • Zahid

    I was using Dark knight based on 4.0.4. When I have install this firmware, I am having an starting screen again n again and it won’t getting home screen. After having a Pass status from Odin, I was having an errors: “Fail to mount / dbdata (File exist)” , “copy_dbdata_media: Can’t mount / dbdata your storage not prepared yet. Please UI menu for format and reboot action”. 
    Please advice asap. Thanks!!!

  • Xav_bez

    My galaxy s is just rebooting and rebooting after following all the steps, i am running on xxjvu, please help 

    • Remove battery for 4-5 seconds and then place it back. Reboot to recovery mode and do factory reset, then restart phone.

  • Xav_bez

    Didn’t work Kapil:
    E:failed to mount/dbdata (invalid argument)
    E:copy_dbdata_media:Can’t mount/dbdata your storage not prepared yet. Please UI menu for format and reboot actions.
    Media files copy failed.

    Please help. 🙁

  • Shariful Alam

    Dear Kapil, 

    Thank you for your useful tutorial.
    But unfortunately  I can not connect my Galaxy S to odin. 

    I have downloaded all the necessary drivers and software as per your suggestion and install. 

    After rebooting as download mode, odin didn’t recognize the phone (although I have install the drivers for windows).

    But charging through USB is ok. 

    I do not have Kies (though i tried with kies but it can’t recognize my phone and after that i uninstall kies and re-install windows). 
    My windows version is win7.

    Can you help me in this regard. 

    Waiting for your reply.


    • Restart PC. Power off phone. Remove battery for 5 seconds and then place it back and then go to download mode. Now, try again. Also, try other USB ports on PC, if the above didn’t work, otherwise you’ll have to use somebody else’s PC.

      • Shariful Alam

        Dear Kapil,

        Thanks for your reply. I tried everything. Even I use other USB cables also. Nothing happened. I tried with win XP also. But no result. Is it possible to update through Bluetooth or wifi? 

        Recently I see my display blinkig. I don’t understand this is for hardware problem or not. I tries reset and remove the batter for while. But nothing happened. 

  • Shariful Alam


    Sorry to bother you again.

    This is in connection to my below query. 

    My firmware version is 2.1-update-1, Kernal – 2.6.29 root@SE:disqus -S603#2, Build num-ECLAIR.

    Can I update to XXJW4. 

    Waiting for your reply.


    • That’s okay… your device is compatible with xxjw4, as long as it is model number i9000.

      • venomous

        how much ram we get ? :S some saying 367 ur saying 340 and some says 337 =/ i wanna do but i wanna know if we get more ram thn the previous roms 

  • Shariful Alam

    Dear Kapil,
    Thanks for your reply. I tried everything. Even I use other USB cables also. Nothing happened. I tried with win XP also. But no result. Is it possible to update through Bluetooth or wifi? 
    Recently I see my display blinkig/lines on my display always moving. I don’t understand this is for hardware problem or not. I tries reset and remove the batter for while. But nothing happened. 
    Can you help me in this regard?
    Best Regards,

  • venomous

    hey kapil do i have to click the repartition ? coz i saw a video he didnt ticked it :S 
    telme who to follow =S

    • Nope.. only when you use .pit file in PIT box, should you tick repartition box, not otherwise.

      • venomous

        so the video tutorial is correct tht i dnt need to tick the repartition button ? can i follow it ? 

      • venomous

        i dnt understand wht u mean as the vdo tutorial also used the .pit file but didnt ticked the repartition button thts where im confused alot =/

        • Then there is some mistake in video. What I said above is 100% right.

          And if pit file is selected but repartition is not ticked, then Odin ignores the pit file, and no harm done. But if you don’t select pit file but rock repatition, that’s a problem then, Odin will get stuck.

  • venomous

    kapil any answer from u =/ ?

    • Didn’t I reply to that already? 🙂

      • venomous

        ahan thnks 🙂 alot i think il go with ur steps il do tick the repartition option coz same i ticked the repartition option whn i flashed to darkys rom 🙂 
        but still i didnt understand one thing wht exactly is repartition do ? 

      • venomous

        ohhh and i almost forgot onething too tht if i wanna go to xxjw4 after installing this do i have to go to recovery mode and clear factory and cache or just i put my cellphone in downloading and do the procedure as told by u by odin 🙂

        • You know, it’s very simple. just follow the steps above and forget everything else. Don’t do anything extra, don’t do anything less.. just do all steps above and you’ll be fine.

          That said, just in case and only if Galaxy S doesn’t boot up after you get PASS in Odin, reboot to recovery mode and do factory reset from there. Then, restart the device.

    • Then there is some mistake in video. What I said above is 100% right.

      And if pit file is selected but repartition is not ticked, then Odin ignores the pit file, and no harm done. But if you don’t select pit file but rock repatition, that’s a problem then, Odin will get stuck.

  • Shreshth mohan

    I m still getting heating problems……….

  • Shreshth mohan

    My phone is heating on using internet……….pls hlp me out……….

  • HH

    I cannot get gmail working properly, it wont show notifications when new email arriwes. what could be wrong?
    Allthoug I’m very happy this new version, works like a dream! Thanks!

  • KonTemPt

    Hi Kapil. I’m currently using the latest CM9 nightly (22/04/2012). In your opinion should I stick with CM9 or try this stock firmware?
    Thanks 🙂

  • Bratumarius91

    Hello, can someone help me with a little problem..the soft works perfect by the do i rename the folders in aplications menu???? So can i get some help?

  • SEL

    Hello, After I installed the firmware following all the steps, it just reboots and reboots. How can i fix this?

    • You surely missed some steps. Try again. And make sure you are trying this on Galaxy S i9000, and not on any other phone.

  • Katherine Tucto

    I did the complete installing process, but when it reboots the touch screen doesnt work … :(. Can you help me please?

  • Jay5204 Abd

    The software runs very fine 
    great job keep it up

  • Talha

    wifi disconnects each time on 2.3.6!

    • Shashikant Pagare

      Yes for me as well. WiFi disconnects frequently. Can some one please help?

    • rami chehayed

      use static ip in ur wifi settings on ur android

  • Talha

    and the battery life sucks as well

  • Palsaniya 414

    complete installation. but phone be not started only resart and restart.
    my phone in befor ics rom installed

    • Remove battery and then place it back. Then boot to recovery mode and do factory reset. Then reboot from there. This should work.

  • Faisal_rafiq

    works cmpletly f9 thx buddy

  • Bishodip

    Dont forget to remove sim from mobile, otherwise odin will hang.

  • Apark156

    it says invalid bootloader, please help..

  • Bardobangis

    is this rooted already? if not, how could i root this? can u give me a link? tnx…

  • Andrew Rice

    Brilliant! Didn’t work first time but just went back and repeated the steps… It works great, thanks!

  • shabaz

    it is stuck in the galaxy s logo plz help plz help

    • Dev

      im having the same problem…….please help guys!

  • Nicholas

    Will the wifi be working? If not I cant connect to Google Play

  • shahed

    hi kapil my Bluetooth seems like not pairing with my pc……any suggestion

    • Nope. No idea why it isn’t working as it should 🙁

  • Jaakk

    I cannot send or receive mms, mms worked before updating just fine with same settings.
    Any idea?

  • Skopje

    Everything was great but after i made a factory reset i can’t use my network providers data(internet). So what’s the problem any suggestion will be appreciated.

    • Fill in the APN settings of your carrier under mobile and networks settings.

  • Alex

    how long it takes to complete the flashing, because at me when the “SetupConnection..” appears after that nothing happen, i just waiting and waiting, i followed the steps from “Important Note” i even restarted the pc and closed all the apps, but didn’t helped…

    • Well, in case you are still stuck, remove battery for 4-5 seconds and then place it back, don’t restart phone, restart PC, use PC another USB plug to connect phone to computer (if you have desktop, try the USB plug at the rear), Open Odin, Boot phone into download mode and try again.

  • Nerijus Versalis

    all working perfect, thanks for exact instructions 🙂

  • zak

    When you do a reset it asks for a password on reboot.
    What is the password???

    • zak

      I hope you can help?
      I also used your ROOT setup as well and now when I do a full reset it boots to a screen asking for a password???? (It is not a password I have added)

      • If the problem still persists let me know. Btw, just hitting ok with any password would reset it.

  • Kevin

    please give us another download link because hotfile can not even resume and it not this much download speed please mediafire or any other

  • maarten

    it works very good on my galaxy S thanks for the instructions and links awesome 🙂

  • Sami

    cant u tell me if i can update it latest android 4.0 from this firmware?

  • jay

    is it language specific like turkish shown in the image…or will it support english?

  • Arslan Aftab

    I tried everything as you described. but the phone doesnt automatically go on reboot mode after “PASS” appears on Odin. also, when I manually select the reboot on mobile, it keeps on rebooting. it has been more than 20 mins and it is still rebooting

  • jay

    works fine…thnx a lot…bt dint like da 2 vibrations on clicking screen buttons

  • I updated but that blue samsung log is reapating all the time what to do?

  • @itskapil:disqus .. dude help me out… em using 4.0.3 with miui rom on my samsung galaxy s.. want to get rid of these,, want to degrade to a ofiicial update.. please get a link wich wil work perfectly in my galaxy s.. asap.. please nd thankss

    • @kapil…. help me outtt…!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The above guide is really all you need. Just install the XXJW4 firmware and that’s that.

  • tq…’s work perfectly 🙂

  • Michael

    I can’t get this to work. When I try to restart the phone in Download Mode i get a picture of the Android mascot digging something and a message saying “Downloading do not turn off the target” and no action…please help!

    • Well, that’s that — it is the download mode. Your step 7 is over. Now, connect to Odin (step 8).

  • Bassem

    I have a problem to connect the google play (google market after I had installed
    JW4_JW4_JW4.tar and update value pack

  • $@!$#

    is it possible to downgrade from dark knight ics to this update???
    as m facing problems with music player and contacts…
    is it official update from samsung??
    if not will u please update which is official rom from samsung.. and i need the same..
    please HELP!!!

  • saish

    is it possible to downgrade from dark knight ics to this update???
    as m facing problems with music player and contacts…
    is it official update from samsung??
    if not will u please update which is official rom from samsung.. and i need the same..
    please HELP!!!

  • ricky

    grate rom no problems bar 1 i cant use google navigation as it wont pick up a gps for it but on the maps it find streets withinn a mile of me do u no how to sort this out please thank you

  • kav7

    does the installation delete all ma internal memory data …. im using bvjv7 update tru kies

  • kav7

    works great… best ever.. i wanted touch wiz 4 and i gt it….

  • Andrew

    Just updated my Galaxy S and have no problems at all. I was hesitant to update it because of all the problems others have faced but did it anyway. Works great!

  • kav7

    i didnt lik ics 4.0.4 so i again installed xxjvu through odin ma mobie isnt workin its join entering into cwm… what should i do pls help!!!!!

  • pao

    i want to update my i9000 to 2.3.6 .this version has greek menu ??

    • pao

      and if it doesn’t work perfectly in my samsung can i get the previous version ?

  • ajay

    thanx it worked perfectly…

  • Ketan

    The Link for ODIN doesnt seem to work!!! can yu update it please so that i can carry on with the flash process and i have downloaded the other files…Thanks in advance !!

  • rami chehayed

    Boot loop solved:
    if you guys are stuck in boot loop after flashing xxjw4, you need to flash dbdata.tar as well.
    i uploaded it here:
    after flashing xxjw4 go to download mode and flash dbdata.tar and thats it, your phone will boot normally.
    i had the same problem on my SGS I9000 and it is solved now.

    Flashing another firmware:

    if you dont want xxjw4 anymore, root and install cwm as shown here:
    now you can install everything else

    • Jho

      Thank you so much!!!!

    • FLOREN

      thanks it helped me . thank you so much!!!!

    • FLOREN

      but my WiFi isn’t working, i got the signal but i can’t connect? please help

    • Supreme

      Hey, I installed it, but now i’m stuck at the big S logo saying Galaxy S under it. If i restart it stops at the same place

    • Zippo

      nice work, thx a looooot 🙂

    • how do you flash that with odin again? And how through PDA again?

  • Shashikant Pagare

    WiFi disconnects frequently. Can someone please help?

  • kav7

    thanks …. now its perfect… tot i got my s bricked

  • Soul

    my phone drains more battery than the usual. can you help me with this one?

  • Chrome46

    I couldn’t get my phone into recovery (i9000) but was able to get into download mode (weird). My phone accepted the download, it installed and is rebooting as i type. I will post if I experience any problems, but it looks like I took a chance and it worked.

    • Chrome46

      After the update my phone kept looping the S logo. I did the three button combo for recovery mode and it worked. i wiped the cache then factory reset then rebooted and my phone booted up prefectly.

      • CrowningTurtle

        That solved my loop issue. Thanks Chrome46! Should be added to the instructions.

  • Element115

    Will this work with my Galaxy S I9000B? (Not the international version) …what features could I loose? If it is only the TV then I don’t really care, I never use it

    • Element115

      I did it and almost screwed my phone as the touch screen did not work. I SOLVED IT by flashing only the kernel with one compatible with this rom and my device I9000B. I used this kernel: Semaphore 2.7.4 for the i9000b.

  • Raghav

    The ODIN link ( doesn’t seem to be working. Do you have an alternate link?
    Thanks a lot.

  • Gatt

    Please upload Odin to Skydrive, as the link provided doesn’t work.

  • Karan

    I was trying to upgrade my i9000 using the Kies and apparently the upgrade failed and my phone for soft bricked… obviously Kies could not recover (shitty software) and my phone was stuck on Download mode. Ended up here using google and decided to give this a go as my phone was out of warranty anyways.

    This worked brilliantly and was pretty easy to do too. Now my cellphones a lot faster then before and GUI looks better to the eye too. No problems faced here at all after the upgrade.

  • kris

    Is this supposed to keep rebooting for 10 minutes?

    • I got the same problem. it keeps rebooting

      • erica

        what did you do guys to fix it?

  • erica

    hi guys i flashed my phone to this version but my phone keeps on rebooting can you tell me what to do pls

  • erica

    hi i flashed this version but my phone keeps on rebooting. pls help.

  • i got the same problem. it keeps on rebooting… help guys………..

  • Clodoaldo Sanchez Perez

    thank you for this information, but, how i do to update my Galaxy S I9000B??

    • Element115

      This won’t work with i9000B. I didn’t know that and flashed it anyway, and the touch screen stopped working. To fix it, I had to flash a compatible kernel, fortunately I was able to enter download mode for this. Now it works fine but I have some problems like lagging sometimes and also the phone sometimes just crashes and restarts. I still like the update though, but if I had known I could have killed my phone I wouldn’t have done it

  • ilan

    My GPS is not working after this update – any suggestions for a fix ?

  • rami chehayed

    if you read my post below you would know what to do

  • Ben Davis

    Hi, when I try sync with Kies from outlook to my calendar, I keep getting a Device not responding error. Please help, I need to sync with my outlook!

  • vgtx

    Hi, the Odin download link does not work. and can i flash the XXJW4 ROM using CWM?

  • Sarosh

    Thank you so much!!! worked liked a charm! and this was the second i i flashed with your guide. So helpful 🙂

  • _Stormy

    Thank You !

    Upgraded following your directions step by step. Working first time 100% correctly on a Virgin Mobile South African Galaxy S GT-i9000

    Phone is actually performing MUCH better ! (No more lagging, or repeatedly tapping at the screen ! Overall experience is superior to the previous XXWJVH stock firmware)

    Now to restore apps and data.

    Thanks !!

  • _Stormy

    Thank You !

    Upgraded following your directions step by step. Working first time 100% correctly on a Virgin Mobile South African Galaxy S GT-i9000

    Phone is actually performing MUCH better ! (No more lagging, or repeatedly tapping at the screen ! Overall experience is superior to the previous XXWJVH stock firmware)

    Now to restore apps and data.

    Thanks !!

  • AMG

    This release works and is far better than the stock firmware, although it gave some small issues after flashing it, like the boot loop issue but was fixed by flashing the dbdata. One thing bad about it is that it has intermittent screen flashing issues which requires you end all task to stop it, but overall I like the firmware and all the added features

    • rami chehayed

      change ur launcher. it seems to be an issue with Touchwiz.
      use ADW launcher to stop the screen flashing

  • pnmfox

    Is this safe to load on GT-I9000M?

  • galaxy s

    что сделать его перезагрузкой

  • galaxy s


  • Parsa Moazez

    Hi, I followed all the instructions and my phone rebooted but i face a problem my home key doesn’t work . what should i do?!

  • Mindia

    Thanks, work’s great.

  • sehzad

    i have a samsung galaxy s i9000 2.3.6 xxjvu and its rooted.
    i wish to know that before starting the update process,i must tick the usb debugging or not???

  • Zack

    What pit should i use with the ODIN? 512 / 513 / or 803? and do i need to tick re-partition if im going to flash it on a bricked phone?

  • Zack

    What pit should i use with the ODIN? 512 / 513 / or 803? and do i need to tick re-partition if im going to flash it on a bricked phone?

  • 67r

    now not bad

  • kaushik

    thx for giving clear procedure.i already have my galaxy s rooted .its on 2.3.3 now . can i install this update ? and if yes do i need to root again ?is this stable version ? i would love photo clicking ability while video shooting and also increased ram

  • kaushik

    hi i m on 2.3.3 now do i need to update to xxjvu first before going to xxjw4 ?

  • Faheem

    Bro download link is broken, it stopped on 159.99 Mb after completing 94 percent download…

  • cristi

    yet still no problem in rebooting fase…no bootloop

  • cristi

    1st minutes works perfect thx a lot… keep in touch

  • Leandro Saleia

    my friend very nice post tnkx i did it and it goes well, tnkx

  • Rahul Raghuvanshi

    Thanks a lot for official value pack firmware-XXJW4. Its working very fine. There is no problem still now. Actually i downgrade my i9000 form jellybean.

  • phn is rebt agn and agn…nw it is not geting on also…plz hlp me…

  • caloi09

    great job guys!


    my WiFi is not working help please!!!!!

  • Veaceslav

    hello. I followed exactly the steps provided and after 3 minutes I wrote on odin FAIL. The phone remains off and I can not even start somehow. help me please!

  • aj1

    Can I follow this guide if i’m using a mac not a windows pc?!

  • GalaxyS:(

    Thanks a lot AndroidSoul. My Samsung Galaxy GT I9000 works perfectly now. I followed the procedure exactly and it smoothly happened. The phone reboots into recovery mode first for a few seconds and then eventually the phone starts. Though t takes 5 minutes but this wait was worth it. The phone now feels smooth and fast which previously needed several tapping and waiting to do any normal task. Thanks a lot.

    Though I have a problem. When I open the market it says “Authentication Required. Please log into your Google Account.” and Gmail says “Your mails will appear shortly” which never did.
    Please help.

    • Tanzim Mazid

      I have the same problem

  • Jake

    Thanx guys! Worked perfectly! No boot loop or any other problems

  • Hey! Thank you guys 🙂 i had a problem, one time i tried to recovery my factory settings and after all i couldn’t see any text on screen.. this problem is solved. after installation phone rebooted 2 times.. now it’s working and all texts are in places..
    but now there is a problem… my home button doesn’t work.. have you any advises?

  • it keeps rebooting any suggestions?

    I previously had it rooted with Hellybean it worked fine but I wanted to go back to stock , i followed all the instructions using odin but it keeps rebooting.

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Turn off the phone, boot into recovery by pressing Volume Up + Home + Power, wipe data/factory reset, then restart. It should boot up alright.

      • Ive tried this but with no luck it keeps rebooting.
        Btw on recovery mode, much of the info that come up its in red , its like something is missing .
        “E:failed to mount /dbdata (invalid argument) etc etc…

        • pinky

          dude how did you fix the problem?

      • I managed to work it out with another GS IS WORKING AGAIN !! 😉

  • pinky

    Help guys!!! My phone keeps rebooting 🙁

  • aven ed

    can i do this on my gt-i900m? please tell me im desperate!

    • helperout

      yes, it works on my gt-i9000M. Only difference is that when booting up your phone and in Settings > About Phone, it will say GT-i9000 (without the M)

      • helperout

        using Odin v1.82 btw

  • patrick de mey

    help my phone,SFT-9000,keeps rebooting, even after wiping data/factory

    Any tips?

    • Nooob

      Did you read the compatibility section..?

  • Tanzim Mazid

    After flashing to XXJW4 on my GT-I9000 then i rooted CynogenClockmod Recovery. After that Play store doesnot work……..what shall i do ?? Im not a pro in these matters……..Please help !!!

    • Tanzim Mazid

      * clockworkmod (cwm) recovery *

  • GSG

    there were many attempts but each time it FAILED. what should I do?


    It is possibleto install it on my samsung gt-i9000 india as its updates is not available to indian carriers

  • Henry

    My touchscreen stopped working after it was all done. I can’t write down my PIN number once it reboots. What should I do?!

    • Henry

      My phone is from Brazil, maybe that’s important?

  • rohan makhija

    dear sir , the problem is that my cell is not detected by my pc/odin3 when its in download mode

  • Can I install Snapchat after that?Because the older version doesn’t let me do that.

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