Galaxy S Edge is the S6 Edge, semi-official now!

We really didn’t have any real word about the edge variant of the Galaxy S6 yet — despite talking for so long and so many times — but now we know that it will be called Galaxy S Edge. Not Galaxy S6 Edge, which is in line with naming scheme adopted by Samsung for Note 4-inspired Galaxy Note Edge, you know.

Some curious eyes somewhere were able to look under the hood of the webpage that teased about the next Galaxy S6 at Vodafone Netherlands, and its source code was found to have the mention of ‘Samsung Galaxy S Edge‘. (Pic below.) A pre-order form of the two devices is expected soon.


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While we’re talking about it, be sure to check out the Galaxy S6 specs that leaked days ago. You can expect Galaxy S6 to feature a very good display that’s stunningly bright in direct sunlight while can be very dim in no-light environment. It’s 5.2″ Quad HD display could be the best display, or the best Super AMOLED panel at the least, out there.

We expect Galaxy S6 to feature an octa-core processor, which is probably Samsung’s own Exynos chip than Qualcomm’s famous Snapdragon 810, along with 3GB RAM. Camera wise, expect a 20MP shooter at the back, while 5MP on the front. Battery of 2550 mAh is reported to be used, and Galaxy S6’s body is said to feature a glass back with aluminium used on the four sides. Lastly, Samsung might finally ditch the microSD card support, as it looks to provide good deal of inbuilt storage options with Galaxy S6: 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.

You must be knowing by now that Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge on March 2 in Barcelona, at MWC. And that’s only a day after HTC outs the One M9.

Source: GalaxyClub | Via WebTrek

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