Galaxy S Edge could be based on this Samsung patent

We’ve come across a Samsung patent, that features a design wherein the display of the phone covers the left and right sides of the smartphone and even reaches the back of the body, such that some icons, say a column on both sides, remain visible. With Samsung Galaxy S Edge lying on the horizon, we can’t help but wonder if this has to do anything with it or not.

With Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung’s shown it likes display bending on the side. Rumors are strong that the ‘Edge’ of the Galaxy S series would feature both left and right sides curved, and if Samsung’s engineers have it their way, they might make the front display become visible at the back, too, even only a tad bit.

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And the patent has one more cool thing up its sleeve — there is a kind-of pop-up hardware that would extend it self from the top of the smartphone. It could by anything, but we can’t refrain from guessing it to be a camera related stuff, maybe a second camera for 3D, or a lens for zoom. What are your guesses?

Check more of pictures of the patent here at patentlymobile.

Do you thinking Samsung might be toying about the idea shown in the patent for Galaxy S Edge?

Via SamMobile

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