N915W8VLU1CPE2: Galaxy Note Edge Marshmallow update released for Virgin Mobile in Canada

Only a while ago, Samsung released the Marshmallow update for Note 4 in Canada, beginning with Telus, Eastlink and Koodoo Mobile. Now we’re seeing something similar happening for its twin, the Note Edge. Carrier Virgin Mobile already has the Marshmallow update available for its Note Edge users, with build no. N915W8VLU1CPE2 — PE2 build being same as that for Note 4.

It’s good time to check for an OTA under Settings menu if you own a Note Edge in Canada, as other carriers will be releasing the Android 6.0 update soon for your Canadian Note 4.

If you can’t wait for the OTA though, be sure to check for the firmware at the page linked below.

Download Galaxy Note Edge firmware

Do let us know what’s good and bad with the Note Edge Android 6.0 update for you.

Earlier, Note Edge in Korea also was treated with Android 6.0 goodness, so we’re tempted to think that massive rollout of the update for remaining Note Edge sets world over should be happening in next 2-3 weeks.

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