Galaxy Note 7 to sport FCC e-Label, could do away with awkward text at the back

It seems Samsung won’t have to put the FCC ID and other such regulatory stuff on the back of Galaxy Note 7, which should only supplement the beauty of the device. FCC has long formulated rules for e-label, and Samsung looks to be set to out in use.

A listing at FCC regarding the model no. SM-N9300, titled ‘Description of E-label on the A3LSMN9300’, makes it clear that FCC label would be found under Settings > About device.


That’s one of most common areas on your phone where you usually hop on regularly, especially when you’re a game for latest updates.

FCC requires the e-Label to be found easily, and within 3 clicks from the device’s menu, so placing it under About device is just the appropriate place, and cool thing for cleaner back of the Note 7.

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