Galaxy Note 4 Apps APK: S Voice, S Health, S Note, Snapbiz Card, Samsung Gear Manager and more

As the Official release date of the Galaxy Note 4 is approaching nearer, the more excited we are to see how it looks and feels like to hold the mighty beast. The Note 4 regularly make to the News in forms of leaks provided by number of leaksterrs around the globe. Here is yet another leak, but very exciting one – The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 apps are leaked by Albe95 of XDA developers and are ready to be installed on your device.

Albe95 has provided the apk file for the leaked apps which can be installed on your device as any android app. However the compatibility of the apps with the devices is not yet tested fully, but these apps should work on most of the Samsung devices running on TouchWiz firmwares. With any luck, some of these apps may also run on other firmwares and devices. But we believe that the TouchWiz related apps won’t run on other devices without proper porting. So without any further delay, lets go through the Note 4 apps one-by-one with download links.



Well, there is need of any intro for the S Voice app, as all the Samsung users as well as most of the others are familiar with this app. The S Voice is a voice-assisted personal assistant for your Samsung device which will act to your voice commands. After watching Iron man, most of us fell in love with Jarvis, right? This app may not be as advanced as Jarvis, which is fictional ofcourse. But it will serve all your needs without the need to touch your Galaxy device. Here is the enhanced S Voice app from the Note 4 which packs a few enhancements from the previous versions.

Download the S Voice from the download link provided below.

  Download Note 4 S Voice



S Health is a Samsung Health assistance app that tracks and records various metric like pulse and heartbeat monitoring, giving health tips etc… The latest Note 4 S Health can track much more, like your blood oxygen saturation and sunlight UV levels, in addition to other metrics. But your device may or may not support all the features of the S Health app depending on the hardware limitations. You have to install the library files as well to test the app. To make it easy, download the flashable zip file from below and install it using a Custom recovery.

Download the S Health app from the download link provided below.

  Download Note 4 S Health



Smart remote is used to control your TV without even searching for your remote. You can control your TV right from your Android device which is cool.

Download the Smart Remote from the download link provided below.

  Download Note 4 Smart Remote



Enjoy the fully transparent Geo News widget on your device. The transparency of the widget looks good, with a clear distinction with the background.

Download the Geo News widget from the download link provided below.

  Download Note 4 Geo News



Another transparent widget in the Note 4, the Galaxy Apps widgets provides transparent widgets to the Samsung apps. The layout of the widgets is quite eye-catching with a clean look.

Download the Galaxy apps widget from the download link provided below.

  Download Note 4 Galaxy Apps Widget



The Note 4 Task Manager app provides a simple interface to check the Ram status and kill apps to clear the Ram.

Download the Note 4 Task manager from the download link provided below.

  Download Note 4 Task Manager



If you’re proud owner of a Galaxy Gear device, then this app is must on your Galaxy smartphone. The Gear Manager app lets you connected to your Gear watch via your Smartphone, through which you can change the settings on your watch and managing notifications etc…

Download the Samsung Gear manager from the download link provided below.

  Download Note 4 Gear Manager



Snapbiz card is an innovative app that lets you save Business cards by just taking a snapshot of it with your camera. Cool, isn’t it?

Download the Snapbiz card app from the download link provided below.

  Download Note 4 Snapbiz Card



All together is a text and voice communication that lets you connect you to the nearby people for a chat session. You can also set a password for your session, so that unauthorized persons won’t enter the session without permission.

Download the All Together app from the download link provided below.

  Download Note 4 All Together



The S Memo app is used to create memos on-the-go using various input types. You can take quick notes on your smartphone flawlessly using this app.

Download the S Memo app from the download link provided below.

  Download Note 4 S Memo



Story Album lets you organize your photos and create albums based on specific events. You can even apply themes and display photos in various layouts. You can hold the memories on your device and can even take a print out of it, if you want.

Download the Story Album app from the download link provided below.

  Download Note 4 Story Album



Prepare spread sheets using the Easy chart app which will let you make you Office work on-the-go

Download the Easy Chart app from the download link provided below.

  Download Note 4 Easy Chart

That’s it. The Note 4 apps look brilliant, right?

Download and install these awesome apps and tell your experience in the comments section below.


  • Centerfold Skye

    I’m still in love with my Note 3 but I’ll try a couple of these.


    Yes i rely love my samsung galaxy note 3 also note 4 apps & wedgets wallpepers all the apps are werking well in my galaxy note 3. ..

  • can anyone please post samsung’s stock voice recorder app for note 4 ?