Galaxy J7 Prime Nougat update: All you need to know

Last month Samsung released the Galaxy J7 Prime to woo its Indian customers with a mid-ranger device with great camera, improved specs, dual-SIM and Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. If you love tech even one bit, you’d know that Android 7.0 Nougat is out now, and may be wondering when and whether it will be available for the J7 Prime. Here’s everything you need to know.

Right now, Samsung is yet to release the Nougat update to any of its devices, but the moment when first Nougat build by Samsung is out doesn’t seem to far.

Will Galaxy J7 Prime get Nougat?

That said, with 3GB RAM in action, and the device releasing only last month, the Galaxy J7 Prime is a definite candidate for Android 7.0 update.

It’s a matter of when than whether, really. But you shouldn’t hope for the update to arrive anytime soon, or at least before the end of this year.

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Galaxy J7 Prime Nougat release: when will it arrive?

Expected release date: February 2017.

Samsung should start the Nougat update with its top offering right now, the Galaxy S7, followed by Galaxy S6 and Note 5 (Note 7 probably not, as the device is being recalled, sadly).

So, the Nougat update for the J series of Samsung should start in Q1 2017. And J7 Prime should be one of the first in J series to receive the 7.0 treatment. We expect the Android 7.0 to come to Galaxy J7 by February 2017.

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Why the delay with Galaxy J7 Prime Nougat update?

It is no secret that Samsung is one of the slowest at updating their phones, at least among the mainstream OEMs. They took over 4 months for Samsung to bring Marshmallow to Galaxy S6 (their flagship at that time), which is around the same time it will take the Korean giant for updating Galaxy S7 to Nougat this time around (Nougat for S7 is expected to be released in October-November 2016).

Some more perspective: the original Samsung J5 received its Marshmallow update in June this year, about 9 months after Marshmallow was released.

So, you can’t be expecting the Nougat to drop to your J7 Prime this year. But Q1 remains a good bet, particularly February 2017.

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Galaxy J7 Nougat: What to expect?

So what can you expect from the latest iteration of Android? Well, this has been the most polished version of Android ever. Google has done lots of changes under the hood to make the user experience sweet.

The revamp to the settings screen makes it a lot easier to find information quickly. The notification shade has added ability to group notifications coming from an app and expand them all when required.

Direct reply feature also has been added to the notifications. The addition of multi-window feature, spacious recent screen, with ability to go back to previous with recent key double tap improves the productivity a lot. Other than these, there’s a new Vulcan API support for games, which improves visuals by high margin.

Check out the video below from YouTuber Marques Brownlee, to get good idea of what and what is new in Android Nougat. BTW, ignore the stock Android UI shown in the video, as as Samsung is will be topping the J7 Prime Nougat update with its own custom skin TouchWiz UI. So, the looks will change. A lot.

Galaxy J7 Prime: What about Android 7.1 update?

Oh yes, now that Android 7.1 is out too, it begs several questions of its own too. Well, because it will be Q1 already by the time 7.0 drops for J7 Prime, Android 7.1 could come by Q2 (May 2017).

In case Samsung devices t merge the 7.0 update with 7.1, then it will mean some considerable delay for the 7.0 update too. Expect the Nougat update to hit J7 Prime only by early-Q2, then.

We would like Samsung to come up with 7.0 update as early as possible, though. Android 7.1 is good, but isn’t worth the extra wait to even the 7.0 update.

Are you satisfied with the Android 7.0 update schedule Samsung would follow for the Galaxy J7 Prime?

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