Galaxy J7 (Boost Mobile) receiving Android 7.0 Nougat update with build J700PVPE2BQJ2

galaxy j7 nougat

The Samsung Galaxy J7 2015 variant for Boost Mobile is getting an update to Android 7.0 Nougat. The update is being delivered over the air and could take a few days to a week to be available for all users.

Samsung launched the Galaxy J7 for Boost Mobile in 2015, so it’s pretty good of the company to give the oldie an update to Nougat. Yes, it’s not the latest version of Android, but users are definitely going to like the new software and the features.

The software update version is J700PVPE2BQJ2 and once you download and install this on your Galaxy J7, you will get all the goodness of Nougat. All the features of Nougat, plus some Samsung extras, will be available in the update.

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T-Mobile too released the Android Nougat update for its Galaxy J7 last month. It’s nice to see these older smartphone being upgraded to Nougat, now if only they would release the Oreo update for the newer devices.

Samsung is still working on the Oreo beta for the Galaxy S8 and S8+, which is available for members of the Galaxy Beta program. A public release is expected either by the end of this year, or early January 2018.

Before installing the Nougat update on the Galaxy J7, make sure the device is on a stable Wi-Fi network and has more than 50 percent charge. Also, it’s always good to make a backup in case something goes wrong!

Source: Boost Mobile

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  • chalkcl

    That’s great, considering many people were claiming that version of the J7 would never get Nougat. I hope the release for the Latin American version (J700M) happens soon.

    • Alexandr Petrov

      It is possible to hope for the release of the Latin American version. However, it is unlikely that the update will happen. The Wifi Alliance website notes that was certificied in 2017 3 versions: J700T, J700P and J700T1. Also these versions have already been updated. I think, that assumption that phones j7 2015 will never receive Nougat, is due precisely to the fact that only the above modifications have been certified in the wifi alliance in 2017y. For other versions (J700F, J700M, J700K, J700H, J7008) no new sertificates.I talked on an online chat with representatives of Samsung in Ukraine.And I was told that the version of J700H (Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela) is not on the list of updates. Considering that this version, like the others from the j7 2015 series, did not pass the certification in the wifi alliance, it’s hardly worth hoping for an update. I think, that the American companies T-Mobile and Sprint took care of their customers and took care of the update for the J700T and J700P. It all depends not only on Samsung

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