Galaxy A8+ (2019), Galaxy J4+ and Galaxy J6 Prime ready up for launch

Samsung is done with the flagship market segment and attention has fully turned to the budget and midrange segment of the Galaxy A and Galaxy J series.

We haven’t seen the official successors to the Galaxy J7 2017, Galaxy J5 2017 and Galaxy J3 2017 and in fact, we don’t know if they are on the way. But we do know is that Samsung is lining up several new phones to be unveiled in the coming months and among them are the Galaxy A8+ (2019), Galaxy J4+ and what is likely to be the Galaxy J6 Prime.

These three have made stops at the FCC and Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA), all but confirming their imminent release. The Galaxy A8+ has been cleared by the WFA with model number SM-A750FN while the FCC has registered multiple variants of the same phone with model numbers SM-A750N, SM-A750FN, and SM-A750G. So far, there’s no sign of the standard Galaxy A8 2019, but we expect it to accompany the Plus variant when the time comes.


The FCC has also cleared a Galaxy J4+ handset with model number SM-J415GN, whose dual-SIM variant has also been spotted on the WFA alongside models SM-J415F/DS, SM-J415G/DS, and SM-J415FN/DS. The WFA has also cleared models SM-J610G/DS and SM-J610F/DS, which we believe are variants of the Galaxy J6 Prime.

Although not much is known about this trio’s specs and features, the WFA listings do reveal that where the Galaxy A8+ 2019 will ship preinstalled with Android 8.0, the Galaxy J4+ and J6 Prime will come with the newer Android 8.1 out of the box. Also, the FCC listing suggests that some variants of the A8+ 2019 will come with NFC support and others won’t, which would be a strange decision for a phone expected to cost in the regions of $500 or even more.

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Samsung launched the Galaxy A8 2018 in January 2018, so we still have several months between now and the expected January 2019 launch of the A8 2019 family. As for the J4+, someone already has a working unit out there and has shared some screenshots as seen below, but we cannot say the same in regards to the J6 Prime, although we’ve seen benchmarks that point to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 and 3GB RAM as some of the hardware specs to expect.


If another previous benchmark is to be believed, the Galaxy J4+ should arrive powered by the same chipset as the J6 Prime, but with 2GB of RAM. We’ve also seen something related to model SM-J410 (Galaxy J4 Core?), but not much is in the public domain so we’ll keep this to ourselves, at least for now.

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