G920FXXU3COI9: Samsung Galaxy S6 gets new update that promises to fix battery issues

There is a new update rolling out for Galaxy S6 users dubbed as build G920FXXU3COI9, and a similar update could very well be expected for Galaxy S6 Edge, whose build no. would be G925FXXU3COI9.

The update is sized just 78 MB approximately but don’t size it up only because by its relatively small size.

It’s being reported that the update brings some good battery optimization features to the Galaxy S6, and they are not the sake of it. You can even call it Samsung Doze method if you like that, but this update is said to improve battery life considerably.

Sadly, the above screenshots are not in English, so we couldn’t really make up exactly what and what is being there in the changelog, but we guess we won’t have to wait much longer.

We’re already seeing huge saving in battery life on Marshmallow update on our Nexus 6, and it seems plausible for us for Samsung to pull a feature out of Android 6.0’s book, and throw it as on OTA on current 5.1.1 build. No?

What do you think?

If you get a chance to play with OI9 Galaxy S6 update, then be sure to tell us your view of it. We’d love to hear that.

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