Former HTC employee confirms authenticity of clips showing the HTC One M9

Yesterday was a golden day as far as leaks related to the HTC One M9 are concerned. A couple of videos meant for commercial and promotional purposes were posted online which gave us a look at the soon to come M9. However, banking on HTC’s recent statements — that it was behind many of the videos and leaks that were sprouting online and that they were meant to trick people — many of us dismissed these videos as just another fabrication by the Taiwanese company ahead of the M9’s official launch at the soon to come MWC.


But for all that, turns out that the leaksters and rumor mongers were right after all and the videos indeed star the actual HTC One M9. A tweet from HTC’s former US product manager Leigh Momii has surfaced in which she all but confirms the authenticity of the videos. Leigh — who joined Cyanogen after a three and a half year stint at HTC — further added that she planned to get the Gunmetal version of the upcoming flagship.


Now the more (or most) suspicious of us might –and did– label this as another decoying attempt by HTC and that Momii was in on the plan, but to be honest that sounds more like a movie script than a real life scenario. Well, assuming these videos to be indeed true, it’s pretty clear that the M9 does resembles the M8 but there are a few prominent changes. For example, there is a reduction in Bezels along with which the duo camera has been replaced by a large single squarish one.

However, these videos do not mean that we know all that there is to know about HTC’s latest offering, far-from-it. As HTC’s Senior Global Online Communications Manager Jeff Gordon tweeted “The best parts of the company’s March 1st new product event are the parts we have no idea about.”

Source: @jetleigh
  • roberthenderson

    Sony and motorola have shown that you can do nice sounding speakers in a reasonably sized package. It will be a big disappointment if HTC was not able to get rid of that very unsightly black bar at the bottom.