FolderMount App lets you link folders from internal to external storage [Root]

If I had a dime for every time someone said that their internal storage was running low and they were unable to use the external storage for things such as game data, podcasts or other files downloaded by apps, I’d be rich enough to buy every new flagship Android smartphone that comes along. In case you’re one of those that are often irritated by this limitation and have root access on your device, then a new app called FolderMount is just what you need.

Developed by XDA memberĀ madmack, FolderMount links folders on the internal storage on a rooted device to the microSD card, so that apps accessing this data can read it off the microSD even if they only work with the internal storage. For example, you can install a game and let it download the required data on the internal storage, then link the folder it downloads data in to the microSD, so that the data gets moved off the internal storage and frees up space while the app runs as well as ever.

Apart from games, FolderMount can help in moving data for a variety of apps to the external storage, such as podcast, navigation, or RSS reader apps. With Google allocating the entire internal storage to apps since Android 4.0, it’s becoming hard to find an app that can work off the external storage, so FolderMount will come in quite handy to remove this often glaring limitation.

However, FolderMount is in its early stages of development for now so it is expected to have some issues. There are some limitations as well such as the lack of a settings menu or the ability to automatically mount all linked folders when the device boots up, but the developer is looking to remove these limitations in future updates, including adding widgets for easy toggling of folder mounts.

But limitations or not, FolderMount is still a great app that you should definitely try out if you want to free some space on that internal storage on your device, and also help out the developer with some feedback if you run into issues. The app supports Android 2.3 up to Android 4.2.2, though considering Nexus devices don’t come with expandable storage, few Android 4.2.2 users will be able to use it for now (other than custom ROM users).

Head to the source link to download FolderMount. It’s not been released on the Play Store yet so you’ll have to sideloadĀ it in order to use it.

Source: XDA

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