Flipkart First privilege can get you Xioami Mi4 before all others

Kind of a best deal if you are looking to buy Xiaomi 4 and have a Flipkart First subscription. On the other hand, if you, like us, never took Flipkart’s premium service, that costs INR 500 for an year, seriously yet, the advantage in Xiaomi Mi4 may make you rethink. After all, there are lots of other usual benefits tagged along: free shipping, priority customer service, exclusive offers and early access to exclusive launches to name some.

But don’t think of it as guaranteed buy if you’re a Flipkart First subscriber, because a limited quantity of 2500 units will be allotted to first of those subscribers who enroll, on the first come first serve basis. So, if 3000 Flipkart First subscribers show their interest in Mi4, first 2500 will get the Mi4 added to their cart automatically on Feb 10 when the sale opens, while remaining will have to go through the general sale.

Both set of buyers will be able to pay on Feb 10 only.

Xiaomi Mi 4 specs include a Full HD 5″ IPS display (441PPI) — no gorilla glass protection here — and 16 gigs of internal storage, and it is powered by Snapdragon 801 processor (same as Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8), Adreno 330 GPU and cool 3GB RAM (something you’ll find in Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9).

The rear camera of Xiaomi Mi4 is a 13MP shooter with aperture of impressive f/1.8, while the secondary one on the front features 8MP sensor. We expect the Mi4’s snaps to be of very satisfying quality, even though not at the same level if compared to Galaxy S5 and the like. Auto-focus of Xiaomi Mi4’s camera is super fast (0.3 seconds) and it’s also capable if shooting videos in 4K resolution.

Xiaomi Mi4 is a single SIM supporting device, and carries a rather large battery of 3080mAh, a blessing for those whose usage is more than usual. Mi4 runs Android 4.4, tweaked heavily by the company thanks to its custom skin, called MIUI 6.

Xiaomi Mi4 is available in India for the price of INR 19,999 — which is definitely worth for the Mi4 given the spec-sheet, and very pleasing build quality, even though it looks iPhone 5s-ish, which it is.

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