Flipboard for Android updated to version 2.0, brings ability to create and share magazines

Today, Flipboard is pushing out an update to its Android app that brings it up to version 2.0 and on par with the iOS version. The major feature that this new version brings is that users can create magazines from their favourite content, magazines that others can subscribe to, along with many other changes and improvements.

The way these magazines work is that once you find an article that you like, you tap on the “+” button to add it to a magazine – you can name the magazine, add a description, and also select its category. A function that’s exclusive to Android is that you can use the OS’ share feature to add content from the Gallery, browser or other apps to your magazines, and you can also share your magazines through email, social networks etc.


Other people can subscribe to your magazines if you choose to make them public (they’re public by default), and you’ll get real-time notifications when someone subscribes or posts a comment on your magazine. The search function has also been put “front and center” in the update, with improved search results (noticeably better in my testing).

Here are all the changes in Flipboard 2.0.

  • Collect and save content into your own magazines, tap the “+” button to begin
  • Your magazines are public, but can be made private
  • Integrated Android share: add content from the Gallery & other apps to your magazines
  • Bookmarklet to add items to your magazines from a browser
  • Get notifications when people like, comment or subscribe to your magazines
  • Share magazines via email or social networks
  • Personalized recommendations for more to read
  • Search is now front & center, with improved results

iOS users have been enjoying Flipboard 2.0 for some time now, and finally their Android brethren also have access to the new features with this major update. Grab the updated Flipboard from the Play Store and go create and share some magazines.

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