With Flexible devices set to hit the market, OLED panels may be about to get a rebirth

Some years ago, OLEDs or organic light emitting diodes were all but discarded in favor of LCDs, which produced color patterns more accurately even though OLEDs in effect proved to be way more power efficient than the latter. Nevertheless, thanks to Samsung and some other manufacturers, OLED panels managed to survive alongside their more famous LCD cousins.

But now, with the advent of flexible screens, OLEDs are all set to occupy the center stage with a projection by IHS stating that 75% of all flexible displays shipped throughout 2015 may rely on OLED panels for their displays.


While it is true that devices with flexible displays do not have much of a significant market presence at present, lets not forget that more and more of flexible devices including, but not limited to flexible tablets may grace the market in the near future, and yes OLEDs will be right there, occupying the lions share in the display panels of these devices. The major factor that propels OLED panels to the front of the race, far ahead of competitors such as LCDs etc. is the fact that panels made using the former can maintain the same color quality even when folded or flexed as opposed to LCDs which need a stacked display for perfect results.

We are not saying that OLED panels are anywhere near replacing the LCD ones in the near future, but with flexible device technology continuously attracting more manufacturer attention, technological advancements along this field should be seen very soon, just how soon remains to be seen but the last we heard, while LG is still a couple of years away from anything of the kind, Samsung may just be getting ready with the release of such a device this very year.

Source: CtimesNews