Fleksy Keyboard goes free, gets enhanced GIF and sticker browsing


One of the long time favorite personal Android keyboards is Fleksy as it lets users to jab blindly on the keys. Lately, Fleksy was giving away the paid versions of its application priced at $2 to all the users of its free version. Following the same, the application has been made permanently free for everyone.

The official blog of Fleksy states that by making the app free, they can serve their larger and more diverse customers better. The increase in the user base has made the company focus on delivering new and exciting product enhancements across all the languages.

Those users who have purchased the paid version of the app will get $8 to spend in their store for unlocking additional themes and extension slots. The application now suggests stickers and GIFs based on what the user is typing. This way, it makes it easier to quickly pull up the perfect GIF.

If you have not tried your hands on Fleksy, you can download the app from the Google Play Store.

Via: Phandroid