Fix Whatsapp Call No Voice Error: Person at the other end couldn’t hear

When calling using WhatsApp, if you get this bug when the person at the other couldn’t hear anything because there is no voice reaching out to him, try the fix we’ve gotten below.

But you need to have a rooted device for this. Chances are that your device isn’t rooted, so Google it and obtain root access first to be able to try this fix.

So, in order to fix whatsapp calling, do this:

  • Install ES File explorer from the play store.
  • Swipe from its left edge towards right to pull out the menu.
  • Under Tools, find the root explorer option, click on its On/Off button to switch it on. Grant permission when asked.
  • Browse to system folder, and tap on build.prop, then choose ES Note editor
  • Press 3-dot menu at top right and choose Edit
  • Now, search and replace the value true with false for these two lines:
    • Search for use.dedicated.device.for.viop=true and replace the true with false. Hence, it would be: use.dedicated.device.for.viop=false
    • Search for use.voice.path.for.pcm.voip=true and replace the true with false here, too. Result will be: use.voice.path.for.pcm.voip=false
  • Save and come back to homescreen. Try calling from whatsapp now, it should work.
Via iG0tB00ts (XDA)
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