Feel every bit of your favorite Music Album with the ExtremeBeats Mod

Music artists travel to the unknown parts of the world to clear their mind and feel the amazing sounds of every thing around them. Feeling every vibration, they compose albums that will rock our mind and heart. But most devices doesn’t deliver the complete beat of the song, which makes your music experience to degrade a bit. But as a music lover, you might want to get every tiny tune on your device, right? Then say thanks to Applicare Studios of XDA, for creating the ExtremeBeats Audio mod which will deliver greater bass and improve the sound quality on your device.

ExtremeBeats Studio and ExtraBass is a sound mod which includes popular sound mods like PureAudio, AwesomeBeats, and BeatsAudio. This mod will enhance your audio experience even on your regular earpiece by delivering premium bass and enhanced sound variations. This will let you hear sounds that you never heard on your Android device.

ExtremeBeats ExtraBass is mainly intended to improve the bass levels on your device. This is achieved by an advanced filter applied for the passive bass which will improve the bass levels to a greater extent. The ExtremeBeats Studio, however is intended to deliver the truer sound that the artist really intended his fans to listen to. So it’s your choice of getting any of these two mods depending on your requirement. But we recommend you to use the ExtremeBeats Studio, which will deliver a balanced levels of music components.

The developer also provided the Viper4Android presets to enjoy the different preset levels on your device. Drop these files in your viper4android Profile folder (if already available), or make a folder in your viper4android folder called exactly Profile. These mods consists of various audio enhancements and various other mods which will unleash the original musical capabilities of your device.

The procedure for installing this mod is real simple, all you need to do is to download the flashable zip files and flash them via a recovery. Find all the ExtremeBeats mods from the download link  below and make sure to clear the cache and dalvik-cache after installing the mod.

  Download ExtrememeBeats Mod

If you’re not sure on how to install the flashable zips using a custom recovery. Here’s our definitive guide on how to install zip files on your device using a CWM/TWRP recovery.



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