Facebook Messenger beta update lets you send 15 seconds short videos in your chats

Since Facebook emerged as a social phenomenon, people expect much more from it. In an attempt to become everything to everybody, the social network has released an update to the beta app of Facebook messenger with some cool features.

Facebook updated its Messenger app beta to version with a new video messaging feature that lets the users to shoot and send short 15 second videos. The update also includes a feature to send bigger thumbs up icon as a reply to incoming messages.

The user interface is straightforward, all you have to do is long press the thumbs up button and watch it grow bigger and bigger. The feature of sending short video messages is cool too, it lets the users share stuff quickly without consuming much data. Plus, 15 seconds sounds about right for messaging purposes.

To test drive the new video messaging feature, you need to get the latest beta of Facebook Messenger. Join the Facebook Messenger beta group for that and follow the instructions given there.

Via  phandroid