Facebook Intros Scrapbook Feature for Parents to Tag their Children in Photos

facebook scrapbook

The world’s most popular social networking site Facebook has not been able to cater to the needs of parents to organize the photos of their children. Eventually, parents using Facebook upload a stream of photos of the newly born family member with loads of tagging.

Parents were struggling to sort out the photos of their babies unless they have dedicated albums. To resolve the issue, Facebook has come up with an optional feature to make this process much easier.

The main aspect of the baby related update is that you can tag your child in the photos you upload. However, only parents can do this tagging in order to have control over the documentation of their children. Parents can finalize the name that the tag will carry.


Most parents upload their offspring’s photos on Facebook to look back at their memories. The major frustration that they were facing is the inability to tag their child in the photos. Now, this new feature called scrapbook for parents has relieved their concern.

This scrapbook for parents feature is available for both desktop and Android versions of Facebook. In order to get started with this feature, users will have to create an entry in the family segment of their profile for their child. There will be an option to add scrapbook next to each child they add.

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