Facebook for Android gets WhatsApp Integration

facebook whatsapp

It has been a year since the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook. However, there were no changes so far in the functionality of the two. Now, an idea of what we can expect from the integration of Facebook with WhatsApp has been let out.

Now, there is an early look from GeekTime showing what we can expect from the application. The source claims that Facebook has started testing a new feature in the Facebook application meant for Android devices with the version number It shows that this will be the first major integration of WhatsApp in it.

The images clearly show that Facebook has included a “Send” button with the WhatsApp icon included in the status actions buttons under the status update. This new button appears to the right for some users using the most recent iteration of the Facebook app on their Android devices.


After the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, both the applications have been working to enhance their capabilities. Also, Jan Koum, WhatsApp’s Co-Founder and CEO assured that WhatsApp will not change its way of functioning and that it will work independently. Similarly, there has not been any integration between Facebook and WhatsApp after the acquisition.

Contradictorily, Facebook started pushing its Messenger with the latest announcement at F8. Now, after the integration of the new send button, we are forced to believe that this is the first step taken by the firm to connect the two platforms. This move is believed to sustain growth so that they can gain control of the rapidly booming messaging market together.

As per the ongoing rumors that are unconfirmed, both the firms are already working together to bring about a deeper integration that will include the feature to send messages between Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Source: GeekTime