Snapdragon 835: Exynos M2 and Qualcomm Falkor CPU caught in leaked document

The processor that powers the Galaxy S7, the Exynos 8890, uses the Exynos M1 CPU. Now we’re hearing that the Exynos M2 is in the making too, which is right in time as Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 835 processor recently, in partnership with Samsung as it will be based on Korean tech company’s 10nm manufacturing process.

We know that Exynos M1 was using the 14nm tech, so there are great chances that this very Exynos M2 we’re seeing here is produced with fabulous 10nm tech, that will power our Galaxy S8 and HTC 11.

Also mentioned is the Qualcomm Falkor CPU, which may be the company’s own in-house manufacturing, but we doubt it’s related to Snapdragon 835 or like. However, it could be the CPU core for Snapdragon 660 that also leaked earlier.

Anyway, with the 2017 not far, and these these processors due to make it to market inside new phones in first half of next year — SD835 in Q1 2017, while SD660 in Q2 2017 — it was only reasonable to expect their core tech being in development.

The Exynos M2 and Falkor are the CPU cores of the SD835 and SD660 SoC, which is simply a bigger deal the processor is part of.

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