Exynos 7890 and 7650 chipsets likely to be introduced soon by Samsung

Exynos. A series of Samsung’s System on chips (SoCs), characterized by the advantage of higher processing speeds and better graphics over its predecessors, it has been the apple of Samsung’s eyes ever since, forming the core of most of its flagship smartphones such as the Galaxy series. The most recent along this line is Exynos 7420 which is expected to run on Galaxy S6, and which surpassed all current mobile chipsets in benchmarks, including Qualcomm’s best yet Snapdragon 810.

However, if a LinkedIn profile discovered recently can be credited with the truth, Samsung is already preparing two more processors in the Exynos 7 series namely the Exynos 7890 and Exynos 7650 which are cited as “14nm” and “ the first 64 bits” SoCs. The “first 64-bit” part is causing a fair amount of confusion though as Galaxy S6 running the 64-bit 7420 will be out soon. This leads one to speculate whether 7650 is merely a more advanced variant of the 7420.


There is also quite a bit of imagination at work regarding the processing capabilities of these units. If the naming conventions for Samsung’s Exynos 5 chip-sets are anything to go by, the 7650 is not really flagship material while the 7890 is likely to be reserved for devices which pack a bit more punch, such as the chromebook. These are however, educated guesses, and we must wait for something more concrete.

More on it as we get it.

Source: PhoneArena

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