Explore the great way of learning with the Test Prep+ app

Are you preparing for an exam tomorrow ? But still bored to read your way through the lump-some books, right? So here is an app that makes your day by introducing a new and interesting way to prepare for your exam.

Test Prep+ is a quiz app that allows users to construct flashcard decks to study for a test, learn a new subject, or just keep their minds challenged. You can learn a subject using the time-tested flash card method, or challenge yourself to beat your best score with some of the built-in quizzes. Users can develop their own question-answer pair flash cards in the app, complete with a Subject Name, Deck Name, and customize-able image to associate with the flash card set.

Test Prep+ provides several quiz types, in addition to the standard flash cards, including multiple choice, Two Minute Drill,free-form, and some timed multiple choice variants. The top score is stored for each quiz, allowing users to go back and try to beat their top scores. Or challenge your friends!

Test Prep+ comes pre-loaded with the following Subjects:
Geography –  States & Capitals: Learn your U.S. States & Capitals in a flash!
Vocab –  Latin Roots: Studying Latin roots can greatly increase vocabulary capability on standardized tests
Chemistry –  Periodic Table: Match the element symbols with their names
Math –  Basic Math: Simple addition & subtraction

Another remarkable feature of this app is to share your flash card decks via email. This feature automatically builds a TestPrepDataBase file, which can be shared via email right from the app! When your friends open the email with their Android powered phones, Test Prep+ automatically recognizes the file and adds the shared flash card decks to their existing subjects.

The Good
  • Innovative way of learning
  • Create custom flashcard decks
  • Sharing flashcards via email
The Bad
  • Nothing in this column

Get it on the play store using the link below.

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