Enjoy the Perfectly timed notification with Base Smart Notifications app

App notifications may sometimes prove to be more annoying than productive. Sometimes it is too clouded to have multiple app notifications at a time. If you are trying to get rid of these clumsy notifications, the Base Smart Notifications may be the best solution for your problem.

[quote]Base is quite similar to android wear technology which brings important notifications to life[/quote]

Base is an innovative tool that brings your mobile notifications to life. Instead of browsing through dozens of unnecessary notifications every day, Base delivers only what’s really important exactly when you need it. Every time you get an important alert, your phone’s black screen comes to life, elegantly reminding you to interact with it. After a quick glance at the notification, a simple tap is all you need to dismiss the notification and launch your device directly to the relevant app.

Base will also deliver you relevant suggestions and recommendations that best fit your needs. The app has a great adaptability nature that understands your notification choices and reduces the notification clutter to the level you are pleased. The app fits itself to your schedule, and learns when and how you like to get your notifications. The app keeps track of your preferences and whenever you decline a notification by swiping it away, it will remember your choice and keep similar notifications to minimal level. There are many other interactive gestures that will help the app improve its notification schedule that suits your taste.

Base uses the sensors available in your device to save battery life by only switching on when the device is outside, and keeping the screen off when in your pocket. The app also delivers smart suggestions that brings you real-time guidelines. It packs everything from traffic updates to the live score updates of your favourite team. The app has a minimalistic design to make the notifications simple and its adaptive notification feature separates it from the other notification managing apps out there.

Feel the difference with Base


So without any further ado, head on to the Play store links provided below to download the app and feel the peace.
The Good
  • Minimal Design
  • Smart Suggestions
  • Perfect timing
The Bad
  • Nothing in this column

Get it on the play store using the link below.

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